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Chiquita is the exclusive supplier of bananas and salads for Walt Disney World’s Parks, Resorts and Cruise Line.
Innovation is a big part of The Chiquita Difference. Not only are we continuously developing new food safety processes, but we are also innovating our products, technologies and business partnerships.
Making our food supply safer every day

Fresh Rinse™
A breakthrough eco-friendly wash that cleans lettuce and leafy greens better than a traditional chlorine wash.*

Fresh Rinse is a bold, scientific discovery and is Chiquita’s food safety innovation. A cutting-edge produce wash only from Fresh Express, Fresh Rinse  provides outstanding effectiveness in cleaning lettuce and leafy greens on select salads.

Fresh Rinse technology means that consumers can enjoy the quality, freshness and great flavors on select salads that they've come to expect from Fresh Express salads but now with added peace of mind. Moreover, Fresh Rinse is eco-friendly and meets requirements for use on products labeled organic.

We never stop looking for ways to make fruit and veggies more enjoyable

Families these days are always on the go, and they need good food that’s as convenient as it is nutritious and delicious. That’s why we’re always coming up with innovations for our fruits and vegetables.

One of our latest product innovations is Chiquita® Fruit Chips, which are made from whole fruit pieces and contain no added sugars, preservatives or oils. Chiquita® Fruit Chips deliver all the delicious, mouth-watering flavor of fresh fruit while adding a fun, crunchy twist! That’s because the main ingredient in Chiquita Fruit Chips is the ONLY ingredient...delicious, 100% fruit

Improving packaging, distribution, and more

At Chiquita, keeping our products fresh from farm to fork involves the development of some pretty sophisticated technology innovations.

For example, our all-natural, proprietary, extended-shelf-life system ensures that Chiquita® bananas stay fresh up to 7 days longer than bananas delivered in traditional packaging. This makes it easier for Chiquita bananas to be fresh and ready at places like Starbucks and other retailers. 

Applying teamwork in the pursuit of innovation

Chiquita extends its brand through innovative business partnerships around the world. Given that the Chiquita name is synonymous with quality and service, we’ve partnered with companies that provide that same value to consumers in our efforts to improve world nutrition.

In 2010, we formed a joint venture with Danone to market fruit beverages based on Chiquita's Just Fruit in a Bottle platform in Europe. This established an alliance between two companies whose values and product portfolios represent a rich legacy of bringing branded, innovative, healthy foods to consumers around the world.

And, just this year, we announced a new alliance with Disney to become their exclusive supplier of branded bananas and salads within Walt Disney World’s Parks, Resorts, and their Cruise Line in Florida, which reaches more than 50 million guests per year.

The new partnership between Disney and Chiquita joins two great companies with shared ideals. Walt Disney fostered the spirit of creativity, innovation and excellence that continues to underlie their success. Disney is focused on their guests but also their employees who make the fundamental difference between a good and a great vacation experience. These same qualities are the essence of The Chiquita Difference. The care and quality of our products—from growth to consumption—show the pride that Chiquita employees have in our products. Our story, too, is one of innovation and placing the Chiquita customer and employee relationship first.

This is another step in our efforts to Improve World Nutrition by extending distribution of our healthy fresh products beyond traditional channels, now to the world’s favorite playground.

*Based on average reduction of bacteria (Total Aerobic Plate Counts, an indicator for the level of microorganisms on a product.) versus traditional chlorine wash.

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