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100% of our banana plantations have been modified to conserve wildlife habitats, natural resources, and promote community well-being.

The Chiquita Difference

We’ve been growing tasty bananas on our farms in tropical Latin America for a long time, since 1899 in fact. Every year, you and many, many other banana fans around the world eat more than 10 billion of our bananas. That's a lot of fruit, grown by thousands of people on thousands of hectares, which is why some time ago we decided to do our best to take extra care of our farmland, as well as the people who farm with us.

Doing Good

How we do that has changed during more than a century of operations, just as the world has changed. We haven't always gotten it right, but we have learned from our mistakes.

Our changes have helped us become what we are today: a company that truly believes that doing the best we can for the environment and our employees benefits us all.

Our Story

Growing bananas involves 18,000 people in the hot, humid and banana-loving environment of Latin America. Getting those bananas from the farm to your fruit bowl means we have to rely on ships and trucks to transport our fruit to shops around the globe.

This has made our journey, to be as green a company as possible, a challenging one. Which is why in 1992, we agreed to work with the Rainforest Alliance (RA) and why we continue to work with experts like RA, the World Wildlife Fund, Social Accountability International, Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as local and national governments, to continually refine our business for the better.

Our Purpose and Core Values

Our Values direct all we do, give meaning to our daily activities and provide a guiding ethical orientation to everyone in the company. Our employees take pride in what they do and build incredibly rewarding careers.

Our mission is to become one of the most respected companies in the world; a company that leads our industry by delivering quality products that are grown with respect for our planet and our employees.

At the very heart of this mission are our core values, which reflect our strong belief that we are in this world to make it better by improving lives and loving our planet. Our values serve as an ethical compass that provides us with guidance and direction – both for the conduct of our company, as well as for the behavior of each individual employee.


Loving the Planet

For a long time, we’ve been trying to make our bananas as green as possible:

Making the World a Better Place
  • Growing them in a way that protects natural habitats, with no deforestation and instead, planting over a million new trees and bushes since 1992
  • Using resources in a sustainable way and conserving water
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Taking measures to protect land and soil

Improving Lives

Put simply, we believe it is our duty to ensure the well-being of our employees, and actively support surrounding communities:

Improving Lives in our Communities
  • Treating those who work on our farms fairly, paying them on average 50% above legal minimum wage
  • Providing workers’ children access to education, and workers the opportunity to save for their future
  • Promoting a safe workplace where women enjoy equal pay, equal rights and opportunities

Our Sustainability Projects

Chiquita's Private Wildlife Refuge Nogal
Private Wildlife Refuge Nogal
We believe in protecting and restoring natural habitats, which is why we turned part of one of our banana farms in Costa Rica into a nature reserve.

Chiquita's San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve
San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve
We are contributing to the conservation of the mangrove forests, lagoons and beaches of the protected San San Pond Sak reserve, located close to banana farms in Panama and Costa Rica.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports

Working with the Rainforest Alliance has meant that we have been embracing different ways of doing business that’s kinder to the environment, fairer to our employees and totally transparent.

Chiquita's 2009-2012 Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) Report Read the 2009-2012 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF - 6MB)

Browse All our CSR reports.

For more than 20 years, we have been working to global standards created by recognized experts on both the environment and employee rights and working conditions. Since 2001, we have been reporting periodically on our progress and discussing the challenges we face.

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