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100% of our banana plantations have been modified to conserve wildlife habitats, natural resources, and promote community well-being.

Improving Lives

The banana is the world’s fourth most important food crop after rice, wheat and maize. more than 10 billion of our bananas are eaten every year. More than a third of these bananas come from our owned farms, while we enter into contracts to purchase the rest from other Latin American producers who meet our environmental and social requirements.

Including our farm employees and those of our suppliers, approximately 40,000 men and women in Latin America depend on our banana business, not to mention their families and local communities. They are the basis of our success and the people behind the brand.

This is why our commitment to them is to provide a safe workplace that respects their rights in each of the following areas:

Wages & Benefits

We believe in paying our employees a decent wage and benefits package. Wages at Chiquita’s farms are not only above and beyond the legal minimum wage - on average 50% above the legal minimum wage - they are also 16% above the SA8000 living wage calculation. Read more about why we believe Chiquita employees in the Tropics enjoy some of the best wages.

Training & Education

We believe investment in training improves retention, increases productivity and enables employees to behave ethically and sustainably.

Training is a major part of Chiquita’s effort to help all office and farm-based employees understand their social and environmental responsibilities.

Worker Health & Wellbeing

We believe it is our duty to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and provide them with good and safe working conditions. We rely on healthy, motivated, employees, so we do all we can to ensure that employees have safe work environments and that they (and their families) have access to healthcare, education, recreational facilities and social security cover.

Equal Rights Protection

We believe in treating ALL of our employees equally and with respect, and we expect the same of them too.

We take our employees’ well-being very seriously and encourage them to raise questions and concerns whenever they feel that things aren’t right.


Rights of Employees

We believe in a company environment where every employee is free to exercise his or her rights without interference. We believe in treating all employees fairly and to respect the choices of employees to join or not to join a trade union. We also believe in dealing fairly and promptly with grievances and complaints.

Independent Assessment

We believe in conducting our business in a way that is open to independent inspection. This means that our corporate behavior in relation to our planet and our employees is independently reviewed and assessed by environmental and human rights experts.


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