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did you know?
Chiquita produces about 50,000 pounds of organic mulch per week, which is used in our banana farms.
At Chiquita, we are shareholders in global sustainability. From conserving our natural resources and protecting our ecosystem, global sustainability is one of our most important and passionate endeavors.
A Leader in Sustainability
Chiquita began working with the Rainforest Alliance nearly two decades ago, and we’re still leading the way in protecting our planet.
Conserving and reclaiming water
Water powers our fruit and vegetable production, and we’re experts at using it over and over again without wasting this precious commodity.
Our good works in the spotlight
Chiquita is involved in important projects that are helping to preserve, improve and restore our ecosystem.
Reducing our footprint every day
Reduce, re-use, recycle. It’s a way of life for Chiquita as we strive every day to minimize our impact on the environment in which we live and breathe.
See what’s on The Chiquita Channel
See some of the ways in which Chiquita is taking care of the planet.

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