New global banana box
Chiquita launches new global banana box for new year

Chiquita launches new global banana box for new year

Corporate News
30 Dec 2016

Chiquita Brands International will roll out its new global banana boxes. 

Designed more structurally sound and with cooling design to improve the freshness of its bananas, while allowing for the most stable transport on pallets.

Chiquita’s commitment to quality is extended with their new consistent cooling design, which allows for bananas to ripen evenly. According to market tests supported by the company’s ripening facility, there were more equal ripening temperatures, better color uniformity, and better ABC scores when using the new boxes – a potential energy savings of 20%.

“Our goal is to continue to provide the highest quality products to people all over the world, which is why we are committed to creating more efficient transportation methods of our fruit,” said vice president of North America Chris Dugan for Chiquita Brands. “We’re excited to see improvements in the quality of fruit that arrives to our partners, as well as the cost efficiencies that these new boxes will create.”

The new banana boxes will create  less food waste by avoiding unnecessary damage and over-ripening of the fruit during transport – offering more fresh fruit to people across the globe. The boxes will also include new imagery and a cleaner look to represent Chiquita’s newest brand messaging and colors, giving shoppers and buyers a consistent look and feel from the brand they’ve known and loved for years.