How the First Lady of Fruit supports women
How the First Lady of Fruit supports women

How the First Lady of Fruit supports women

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21 Mar 2018

March is the month of the ladies. It is the month to celebrate the creative, kind, intelligent, powerful and passionate women around the world.

March is the month where the accomplishment of women is officially recognized and their voices are projected so much louder. Despite our duty to celebrate and empower women all year round, the month of March carries history for the movement towards the empowerment of women.

Our Chiquita community finds it only fitting to celebrate our very own First Lady of Fruit. Miss Chiquita found fame as an animated banana in 1944. Her festive and fun personality paired with her catchy jingle became a household celebrity with a clear mission to educate.

As decades have progressed, so have Women’s Rights. The voice of women has become more powerful. This gave the possibility for Miss Chiquita to be brought to life as a real person. On the premise that women are more approachable, Chiquita was able to put a personal face on bananas and give consumers a trustworthy figure to represent the product.

Miss Chiquita began making personal appearances about twenty years ago. Embarking on tours across America, such as “Good Will, Good Nutrition Tour” and “Chiquita Perfect for Life Tour”, she builds trust with moms and advocates for well-being and active lifestyles. From one woman to another, her mission continues to be educating about the nutritional value of bananas, how to consume them and how to ripen them. She has broken through cultural and social barriers to allow Chiquita banana to reach her public. Miss Chiquita’s devoted smile pictured on every blue sticker represent her seal of high-quality that can be counted on by consumers.

Women's Choice Award empower women, giving them a channel to become a collective voice to share their product and service experiences with other women, who are responsible for over 80% of consumer decisions. Women in America recognize Chiquita as one of the best fruit brands, and the most recommended Banana Brand for their families and friends through the Women’s Choice Award. Filled with gratitude, Chiquita has been chosen by women, for women.

In 2017, Chiquita joined forces with the American Cancer Society to fight against breast cancer. Bringing awareness for early detection, and supporting well-being and active lifestyle for disease prevention.

Go ahead, wear violet during the month of March, or blue as Miss Chiquita does.

Let's celebrate together all the amazing women in the world, and the achievements females have made to date and will continue to make in the future.