First Lady of Fruit and Fashion

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05 Sep 2018

The annual month of fashion has come and gone. Fingers crossed, there weren’t too many bloopers on the catwalk this year - it would be a lot easier if you didn’t leave your banana peels laying around! New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Week displayed the latest trends and all the A-list celebrities attending, those of you who are fashion-conscious, it might be time to update your wardrobe. 

We have rounded up some of the best 2018 fashion trends and must-have accessories, following in the footsteps of our very own fashion-forward, Miss Chiquita. She wore the first fruit hat in the mid-forties and has since inspired fashion designers and celebrity wardrobes around the world. Here are some of the fruity-fashion-forward trends that will be sure to impress.

Block colors have been all the rage at the Fashion Weeks around the world. It’s all about big and bold colors. What was once a fashion no-no, is now here to shake your wardrobe up. This means head-to-toe in, how about, a lush banana yellow hue? Keep it bright and fun. This trend allows for so many ways to add volume and accessories to create a full look, for example, Kate Spade’s crossbody banana bag or Charlotte Olympia’s Chiquita collection! The minimal color palette enables you to add your own personal flair to each look.

While block colors have been drawing our attention, so has the bold pattern play. Prada went bananas for textiles back in 2011 and this year we are seeing it again. Textiles with statement fruity and floral patterns have been a big eye-catcher. The adventurous fabrics have been teamed with sophisticated over-sized jackets, satin skirts or even, an autumn-essential -- the windbreaker. Get ahead of the fashion scene by adding a banana print item to your wardrobe.

Now, let’s talk accessories. Miss Chiquita is undeniably the queen of accessories, after all, no one wears a fruit hat and gold hoops like Miss Chiquita. This year statement earrings are trending. As our First Lady of Fruit (and fashion) knows, a bare neckline creates the perfect canvas for your earrings to pop! In addition, on the catwalk we saw silk hair wraps, lace and ribbon, cloth flowers and headbands spicing up simple outfits.

Fringe and tassels have been popular additions to outfits this season. They add volume to the outfit and can accentuate your figure. Miss Chiquita’s mermaid shaped dress is proof of this. The mermaid skirt with frills continues to make a return, year after year, to the catwalks.

With one trend more extreme than the other, it’s hard to stay on top of your fashion game. It’s all about having unique and risky pieces which can spice up the simplest of outfits. Channel your inner Miss Chiquita this season, it’s time to make your fashion statement.