Quick summer meals to delight your family
Quick summer meals to delight your family

Quick summer meals to delight your family

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11 Jul 2018

Most people love the summer and the sun, but it does take its toll when you have to prepare dinner everyday for your family. Boy, does it get hot in the kitchen! However, the family has to eat in the end. So, here is a couple of Chiquita’s favorite, super quick and easy summer dinners to keep the whole family happy-especially the household chef.

Being adventurous in the kitchen can be fun. It’s always good to have familiar ingredients so that no one feels troubled by the sudden change of menu. Chiquita, being one of the most popular and well-known household foods, is your peace-of-mind ingredients to these summer dishes.

Quick summer meals to delight your familyGet the whole family involved. It takes the weight off you and it may actually be a great time to catch up and have a giggle with the family. Homemade pizzas are a fun treat for the whole family. There is no need to order take-out pizzas and spend a fortune. Just grab some pita bread from the supermarket and tomato paste, the rest you’ll probably have in the fridge. After all, you can basically put anything on a pizza and it will always be delicious. No surprises here, Chiquita banana is a tempting pizza topping, and it won’t disappoint. Enjoy pizza night, it’s a hassle-free and a family fun delight!

Summer is all about salads. Light on the stomach, so quick to prepare, and best of all, they are oven-free! But, salads can get a little boring after a while. Plus, if there are any fussy eaters sitting around your table, it might not be that easy to get them to even take it into consideration - this goes for the big kids as well as the little ones! How about making your salad more family friendly by having everyone make DIY salad jars? It is so simple and fast! Cut up all your family’s favorite ingredients and let each one construct their personalized salad in a mason jar. Add crushed up Chiquita Banana Chips on the top to give your salad some sweet and tasty crunch.

Put anything is a mason jar, and it makes it a whole lot more hip and fun. The kids will be so excited about the unconventional serving choice that you may even be able to sneak in some of those unwanted veggies. How about some zucchini pasta in a jar? Layer the jar with bright green zucchini spaghetti, your favorite sauce, some fresh red tomatoes and cheese. Top it with a fresh and zingy Chiquita Banana Guacamole. Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes…. and hungry tummies! The great thing about these mason jar dishes it that they can be prepared earlier and stored in the fridge.

There’s always a little room for dessert, but with the summer heat, you’d do anything to avoid having up use the oven and stove top. We have a solution for you. Make Easy Chiquita No Bake Cookie Squares. No one will bat an eyelid when they know they’re eating Chiquita Banana Cookies, little do they know it’s jam-packed with nuts, oats and fruit.

Keep the whole family happy and satisfied this summer, but above all, make mealtime during the summer enjoyable with Chiquita Banana.

We’d love to see our Chiquita community trying out some of our speedy summer dishes. Go ahead, take a photo and share your delight with us by using #Chiquitabanana