Spice up your barbecue with Chiquita Bananas

Health & Lifestyle
03 Jul 2018

Barbecue season is among us! Get in touch with your friends, get out in the garden and enjoy delicious food, great company and a good belly laugh. Luckily, barbecue parties don’t require much planning, but there are a couple of key features needed to keep you and your guests happy. And yes, one of which is Chiquita Bananas!

Keep those tummies full. To get started, bake some Banana chips to put on the table. Accompany them with some of your favourite dips so your guests can nibble while the grill is heating up. The crunchy consistency and the sweet and savoury bursts of flavor will amaze your guests. You may even see your guests using this starter dish as an icebreaker to ignite some chatter. Your guests will be settled in in no time! No need to thank us!


Between the banter and the chatter, a lunchtime barbecue nearly always becomes an all-day-long affair. You must keep your guests satisfied without blowing your budget. Pull out your timeless Chiquita Banana’s Recipe Book and you will find an abundance of quick and exquisite recipes. The perfect one for a summer barbecue is the Banana Mixed Grill. The combination of meat, vegetables and Chiquita Bananas all thrown on the grill is so simple. The banana gives a sweet twist to the dish and breaks up the taste of the greasy meat. Team it with Chiquita’s Fruity Curry Relish and you won’t be able to stop your guests from going back for more.



Let the games begin! Avoid the mid-afternoon slump and give the chef a rest. After all that food, your guests might be in a bit of a ‘food-coma’. Get up and get moving to spark up that energy. Set out some ‘no skills required’ lawn games and laugh it up. How about Frisbee? Croquet? Or even badminton? The winner gets a delicious, portable, golden Banana!

Of course, give your guests an excuse to save room for dessert. The trick is to have an uncomplicated, fast, yet sure-fire crowd-pleasing dessert. What better than a trifle? Prepare Chiquita’s Best Strawberry-Banana Trifle.

It’s always a hit at parties. Your guests will be pleased to know it’s even a healthy alternative to top of the day-long feast.

At this point, you may not be able to send your guests home. However, that’s the first sign to know you’ve thrown a brilliant, bananalicious barbecue party!