Chiquita Organic Bananas
Chiquita Organic Bananas

Chiquita Organic Bananas


Chiquita organic bananas are produced in a manner that can help promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Before a product can be officially labelled 100% organic, a USDA-approved certifier must inspect the place where the food is grown to ensure that the grower is adhering to all the rules and requirements to meet USDA organic standards.

If you prefer to eat food that’s organically grown, Chiquita has a banana for you! Now you can serve your family a banana that tastes great, is a good source of potassium and fibre, and is 100% organically grown. Ask your produce manager to stock Chiquita organics if your favorite store doesn’t already carry them.

Amount per serving (126 g):
Calories: 110
Total Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 0 mg
Potassium: 450 mg
Total Carbohydrate: 30 g
Dietary Fiber: 3 g
Sugars: 19 g
Protein: 1 g
Organic Bananas