Chiquita by
Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo has been selected as the artist to develop a limited edition of Chiquita stickers. Ricardo Cavolo drew them using the digital Google Tilt Brush, a virtual reality (VR) app that generated the stickers in 3D. Discover the video!

Bringing a splash of cheerful sunshine and colour to the grey days of winter, Chiquita has chosen famous Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo to develop a special edition of its iconic Blue Stickers. These are printed at the end of 2019 to celebrate the Year End holidays. Born in Salamanca in 1982, illustrator Ricardo’s artistic universe is closely aligned with the Chiquita brand, leveraging the same values, look and feel – intense, flamboyant colours, with exuberant use of yellow, vivid images, graffiti and pop/tattoo images.

Another type of symbology is's like giving them new dimensions

Ricardo Cavolo, Artist

His art is rich in symbolism: it always features two males and two females, representing gender equality, and each person has two pairs of eyes as a symbol that seeing is knowledge and power. This symbol sprung from a childhood experience – his stepfather could not read or write but used to say he didn’t need to, as he saw everything, and this gave him knowledge. The artist’s emblematic symbol is a heart with flames at its core, a representation of the power within each of us. Ricardo grew up within the gypsy community and believes this gave him the ability to see that there are two types of society – to him, the most beautiful is the one people ignore and try to avoid.


Ricardo believes in being true to himself but has struggled with depression in recent years. This experience has helped him to understand the importance of being aware of who you are and your emotions. This knowledge is particularly linked to his iconic heart symbol, which represents that you can overcome everything, because the power lies within you. He feels his purpose is to talk about the topics that society avoids, such as mental health and empowerment, turning sensitive topics into normal conversations.


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