We bet you didn’t know about all the incredible qualities of green bananas! Aside from being a healthy source of complex carbohydrates and fiber, they are among the most budget friendly in the produce section, and an excellent addition to flavorful recipes.

Green Bananas

Did You Know ?

Green Bananas can be interchangeable with plantains

Although plantains can be confused for vegetables because they are typically cooked before eating, they are indeed considered a fruit! Similarly, green bananas are fruit, except they have bonus features such as longer shelf life. Whether you choose to consume them as a crunchy snack, grill them or fry them, you can enjoy the green superfood throughout the week as the green banana keeps well up to a whole week!

Green Bananas are super versatile

It might surprise you to learn that green Chiquita bananas are not just full of nutrients, but also remarkably versatile. Explore your taste buds and try using them in a plethora of green banana recipes below. For a gluten-free, wheat flour substitute, green bananas can also be turned into flour and used in baked goods as well as smoothies and breads.

Green Bananas are budget friendly

Green bananas can be found at most grocery stores and you’d happy to discover that they are quite affordable – yes, even more so than plantains!