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Chiquita Brand is the best banana brand!

Chiquita is truly one of the best banana brands in the world! For over 70 years, our Blue Stickers have been the seal of high-quality fruit, a celebration of fun, an iconic symbol, and also a way to tell our sustainability story through our “Behind the Blue Sticker” campaign.

Throughout the year, you can find our limited edition Blue Sticker collection on our bananas. These stickers are not only a symbol of our best quality bananas – they also create fun and engaging content, using one-of-kind images from artists like Romero Britto and Ricardo Cavolo.

Through our stickers, we focus on issues we’re passionate about, like breast cancer awareness, and for this campaign, we transform our iconic Blue Sticker into Pink Stickers during the month of October. Throughout the month, more than one hundred million Chiquita bananas are distributed to grocery stores around the world, raising breast cancer awareness among banana lovers everywhere.

We might be biased but we’re sure Chiquita is one of the best banana brands in the world! So look out for all our iconic stickers – they’ve become a real collector’s item!

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