it peels
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Feel the goodness!

Chiquita bananas are better than any other banana because they make you feel good! Beneath every Chiquita banana’ peel is a 150-year-old story that has enabled Chiquita to become THE banana brand loved by all generations. Over the years, Chiquita bananas have always been a snack that is good for you, and they are also sustainable! Scroll down to learn more.

It peels so good!

good since 1870

We have come a long way from where we started, but our attention to quality has never changed! Want to better understand how we became the most loved banana brand? Sit back, grab a Chiquita banana, and enjoy the video!

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Back in the 1870s, when the Chiquita story began, shipping fresh bananas was a real challenge. Can you guess why?

Let’s continue sailing all the way to 1907. The ships that transported Chiquita bananas around the world were baptized under a peculiar name. Can you guess what name that was?

The year is 1944 and Miss Chiquita is born! Our animated banana had a distinct fashion style. Do you remember what she wore?

The same year Chiquita’s banana jingle was released! Do you remember the lyrics?

In 1963, Chiquita revealed its iconic blue sticker that was placed on every Chiquita banana. Can you guess what the sticker said?

Back in the 80s, artist Oscar Grillo transformed the Chiquita banana figure into a illustration of a woman. What is the famous cartoon this artist is also known for?

Let’s talk food! Since Chiquita doens’t like to waste food, do you know the best thing you can do with overrippened bananas?

In the 2000s, our efforts for sustainability and fight against Climate Change became globally recognized. What is our motto?

Do you know what we mean by being a good neighbor? 

Can you guess which celestial event was hacked by Chiquita in 2017? 

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