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Benefits of Bananas: Quite possibly the world’s most perfect food!

Chiquita bananas are truly one of the best superfoods. When it comes to healthy snacks, they’re certainly the tastiest and most convenient.  Over the past century, bananas have become a staple in every kitchen – across four corners of the globe. And for good reason.  Our favorite yellow fingered friends are not just delicious but pack a punch of health benefits too. Plus they can be the best natural sweetener and sugar substitute for baking!

From supporting our nervous systems and immune systems to providing a whole host of vitamins and minerals, bananas are truly one of the best superfoods. Here are six reasons why bananas deserve to be called “Quite Possibly the World’s Most Perfect Food”.

1. Bananas are fat and cholesterol-free

2. Bananas are one of the best potassium rich fruits

3. Bananas are a great source of vitamins

4. Bananas offer great natural protection

5. Bananas provide long-lasting energy

6. Bananas are easy to open

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