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Benefits of Bananas: Quite possibly the world’s most perfect food!

Chiquita bananas are truly one of the best superfoods. When it comes to healthy snacks, they’re certainly the tastiest and most convenient.  Over the past century, bananas have become a staple in every kitchen – across four corners of the globe. And for good reason.  Our favorite yellow fingered friends are not just delicious but pack a punch of health benefits too.

From supporting our nervous systems and immune systems to providing a whole host of vitamins and minerals, bananas are truly one of the best superfoods. Here are six reasons why bananas deserve to be called “Quite Possibly the World’s Most Perfect Food”.

1. Bananas are fat- and cholesterol-free

Where bananas are concerned, fat and cholesterol are not a problem. This fruit is naturally cholesterol- and fat-free, so it is a healthy option for just about everyone. Chiquita bananas are also a great source of resistant starch, particularly when they are still a little green. This starch is called “resistant” because it resists digestion: our bodies digest it extra slowly. This means far fewer calories can be extracted from a banana than from an equivalent amount of a cookie or candy. Also, if you’re on a special diet (paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, Whole30 (which cuts out added sugar), grain-free, sugar-free, or plant-based) a Chiquita banana is the ideal substitute for refined sugar, eggs or flour.

2. Bananas are one of the best potassium rich fruits

The benefits of potassium are almost endless. This single mineral can help lower blood pressure, protect the heart, and reduce the risk of heart disease. It also helps support the nervous system and improve muscle function. If you want to recover faster from a tough workout, you guessed it – potassium can help with that, too. And where’s the best place to get this miracle mineral? Well, one medium-sized banana packs a whopping 400 milligrams of it, nearly 10 percent of the recommended daily value.

3. And they’re also a great source of vitamins

Our helpful fruit is crammed full of antioxidants and essential minerals such as riboflavin (vitamin B2), which helps to prevent anemia, cataracts and cracked lips, and keeps your skin looking at its best. B2 is also really important in maintaining the body’s energy supply and helps us to absorb and activate other beneficial vitamins and minerals. Eat a banana and voila, that’s 35 percent of your recommended daily amount of B6, a vitamin that’s key to cell growth. Our friendly yellow fruit also provides a healthy helping of manganese, which supports bones and metabolism, plus a smidge of magnesium, Vitamin A, iron, copper, and other essential vitamins and minerals that ensure our bodies stay in tip-top shape. The antioxidant vitamins E and C and the fruit’s natural moisture are also great banana beauty aids, helping to revitalise and hydrate tired skin.

4. Bananas offer great natural protection

Vitamin C is nature’s all-rounder, helping you to maintain your immune system. There are 10 milligrams of this powerful vitamin in each banana, so this fruit is a hero when it comes to strengthening your body’s defenses. Chiquita bananas are a fantastic source of fibre, of a special kind – soluble fibre – that drives down bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

5. Bananas provide long-lasting energy

When we’re taking care of our bodies, particularly when we’re having a great sports session, we need every energy boost we can get. As well as being power-packed with vitamins, bananas also contain simple carbohydrates, which are a great way to get a quick burst of energy. Whether you need a snack to keep you going through the afternoon or fuel for your workout, bananas have you covered. With these benefits, it’s no wonder endurance athletes and runners love Chiquita bananas – indeed, we partner with many runners and marathons around the world including the famous New York, Disney and Athens races.

So, add a little bright yellow joy to your daily routine, and we promise your body will go bananas!

6. Bananas are easy to open

Do you really know how to open a Chiquita banana?

Do you see the stem end of the banana that people always try to open, where it was cut from the plant? Well, turn your banana upside down and focus on the nubby, pointed tip at the opposite end. Pinch this between your first finger and thumb — this will split the skin of the banana cleanly, allowing you to peel it back. Easy!

Bananas really are the ultimate fast food, as they come in their own handy packaging, which is not only tough – so they travel easily – but also compostable!

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