We are bananas

we are bananas

As a leading, iconic brand, we have a big ambition – we want to be the banana of choice in every market we are present. Our brand positioning Playful by Nature puts us at the heart of our consumers.

In 2015 Chiquita launched the Just Smile! campaign as our creative platform to connect Chiquita bananas and consumers in a playful way. In 2017, we started the We Are Bananas campaign in order to make consumers 'feel' the fun.

From the first moment a Chiquita banana grows — bright, yellow, and holdable — it is fun. Because of this simple fact, we hold fun in reverence.

Every piece of work we will make, every billboard, every banana we will put into pop culture should make you feel a tiny bit happier just by looking at it.

Because, Chiquita is bananas, bananas are fun, We Are Bananas!