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Savoring the last days of summer and Banana Lovers Day with Chiquita bananas

Cooking Lovers News Summer

August 24th 2022 ・ 7 min reading

Summer is winding down, but it’s not over yet! There’s still plenty of warm weather to enjoy before the chill of autumn sets in, and Chiquita bananas are the perfect fuel for powering enjoyment of those last days of summer. August 27 is a particularly special day: it’s Banana Lovers Day! We have a few ideas for you for delicious treats to celebrate our wonderful yellow fruit. You’ll go bananas – Chiquita, of course – for these summer recipes!

Frozen Chiquita protein shake

For many of us, summer sunshine means one thing: getting outdoors. And when we’re out, we love to play sports with our friends, take a swim at the beach, or enjoy a game of catch with the kids. But once we’ve been warmed by the sun, there’s nothing better than a cold drink to cool down. A frozen smoothie is just what you need when you’ve been out and about. This frozen Chiquita protein shake is not just refreshing and delicious, it’s also packed with nutrients and protein.

Chiquita bananas make a great addition to your smoothies. They add a richness and a velvety smoothness that makes smoothies taste amazing. What’s even better is that they blend into a consistency that you can trust won’t have any lumpy bits to surprise you.

On top of that, Chiquita bananas are sweet, so you won’t need to put in any calorie-laden refined sugars to make your smoothie palatable. They have a delicate taste that goes perfectly with just about any other type of fruit. Try this protein shake with a handful of strawberries or blueberries for something different.

Of course, Chiquita bananas are not just delicious. They’re also packed with goodness. In these last weeks of summer, when we’re making the most of the sun, keeping healthy is a must. A Chiquita banana offers plenty of potassium, crucial for the proper functioning of our muscles and essential to keep our nerves firing. Just 100 g of Chiquita banana – that’s about one medium fruit – will give you 18% of your daily needs. Plus, you don’t have to stop at one banana!

Quick banana and blueberry ‘nice cream’

A refreshing – and totally delicious – way to cool down is a bowl or a cone filled with ‘nice cream’. It’s a much healthier approach to ice cream that we think you’ll love. Whip some frozen Chiquita bananas together with a handful of blueberries, and you’ll be transported to a taste paradise. And the great news for those who have kids who can’t tolerate lactose is that there’s no dairy in this recipe. The only problem is making sure you have enough for a second serving!

Frozen chocolate covered banana pops with sprinkles

Summer is all about fun in the sun, and there’s nothing more fun than enjoying a frozen treat. Cool down with these banana pops that the kids will also adore – the fresh sweet taste of chilled Chiquita bananas will come as a delicious surprise when they bite through the chocolate. You can swap the sprinkles for something different like marshmallows or coconut – the choices are endless! Serve them at an afternoon barbecue or to celebrate Banana Lovers Day and you’ll get the party popping.

Salted banana caramel ‘tatin’ with caramel ice cream

When the kids have gone off to bed or you have some friends joining you for dinner, you might fancy something a little bit more decadent. And nothing says sophisticated like a tarte tatin. It’ll take you back to memories of holidays where you enjoyed the lightness and taste of beautiful desserts on those long summer evenings.

This recipe packs in all the nutritious benefits of Chiquita bananas including vitamin B6. This essential nutrient helps your body form new red blood cells and helps keep your immune system in top form. Yes, you can do yourself a bit of good while enjoying a dessert that feels like heaven in a bowl.

Even though summer will soon be over, it’s not all bad news. The days may be shorter – and colder – but you can get hold of Chiquita bananas year-round. We might be switching out frozen desserts for banana breads and puddings with Chiquita bananas and hot custard, but we’ll still be able to enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of our favorite fruit. With the taste of the tropics and a package of nutrients that make bananas a healthy treat on the coldest day, Chiquita ensures that the sunshine will never completely go away.

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