Back to School Cooking Lovers

Bananas on a Budget! Cost Friendly Back to School Recipes

Back to School Cooking Lovers

September 13th 2022 ・ min reading

Back to school can be an exciting time for most, but with that comes planning for the school year. Parents often don’t look forward to the challenge to their wallets of the return to school and the expenses this comes with. New uniforms, shoes, books, haircuts, sports equipment and more! All in all, it can be a costly September for many. But one thing that doesn’t have to break the bank is filling your kids’ lunch box. Using Chiquita bananas in some simple recipes can provide healthy and nutritious snacks that the nippers will keep coming back for, without racking up your grocery bill.

An alternative to buying plastic wrapped, expensive, sugar-laden snacks to fill the lunchbox, you can do good in both the health and finance departments and use Chiquita bananas with just a few ingredients to make these delicious snacks with. The benefit doesn’t just come in saving money. Chiquita bananas are a superfood: a great source of the energy your kids will need to last through school days and packed with essential vitamins and minerals that will help fuel them in school work and play.

Healthy Mini Yoghurt/Banana Muffins

Everyone loves muffins, and especially banana muffins. Our healthy mini yogurt Chiquita banana muffins are a delicious start to the day. And as a special plus, for those who have picky eaters who won’t go near a piece of fruit, the Chiquita bananas in this delicious snack are hidden. The perfect treat for breakfast or packed lunches, these muffins mix the protein boost of yoghurt with the nutrient-rich Chiquita bananas. Protein provides fuel for the morning’s activities and the bananas provide potassium. It’s a natural way to boost young brains, as the mineral helps the nervous system to function well.

Healthy No-Bake Banana Energy Bites

Kids need great healthy food all day long to keep them going. These no-bake Chiquita banana energy bites make a perfect snack for break time or after school too. Make plenty though! Your youngster’s friends will flock for the boost that these bites give them. These bites are simple to make but they are jampacked with good nutrition. For instance, they bring plenty of vitamin B6. This one gets your kids popping. It helps their growing bodies use energy – not least their brains. And they’re perfect for a four o’clock pick-me-up when the kids are flagging after a hard day.

Lightly Salted Air-Fryer Banana Chips Snack

Of course, most youngsters love a bag of crisps in their lunch box but crisps can be far from healthy. Here’s a nutritious – and yummy – alternative that takes minutes to make and seconds to scoff! With all the crunch of crisps but none of the fat, a bag of these Chiquita banana chips makes a perfect healthy snack for your kids. Once they start crunching, everyone’s going to want them. If you can slow them down long enough to share a bowl, you can add some fiber to your diet too. Chiquita bananas are a good source of it and none is lost as the air-fryer seals in all the goodness.

Dutch Mini-Pancakes (‘Poffertjes’) with Banana Strawberry Kabobs

A teatime treat that will help your children power through their homework or to fuel more playtime for an hour or two after dinner is these mini pancakes with Chiquita banana kabobs. They’ll love them either as a welcome home snack or as pudding after a healthy dinner. You won’t need to add any sugar to make these a sweet treat. Chiquita bananas are naturally sweet!

We’re guessing these recipes have you inspired. So you know what to do… grab a bunch of Chiquita bananas next time you’re in the supermarket. With this level of versatility and good nutrition, you won’t have any problem with providing your kids with healthy, budget-friendly snacks that they’ll love. Oh, and don’t forget to pop in the best snack of all: the world’s most popular fruit, a Chiquita banana, wrapped in its own perfect yellow jacket. No plastic wrap needed!

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