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Satisfying your sweet tooth at Halloween with Chiquita

Cooking Lovers

October 22nd 2021 ・ 10 min reading

Halloween is here and there’s so much we’re looking forward to at Chiquita!

It won’t be long till the night we’ve been waiting for all year, the time for horror, trick or treat, and putting on those scary Halloween costumes!
Halloween is an old tradition that is also all about fun, making precious moments to cherish forever with family and friends, and (of course) cooking up some treats.

One of the best parts of Halloween is the food we get to eat at this time of year. Whether you are a child or an adult, you’re bound to love the traditional delicious pumpkin pie and candy on offer. Chiquita bananas can be a really enjoyable part of Halloween cooking, because they make the perfect ingredient for a Halloween cake and many other delicious Halloween treats. Chiquita bananas provide a natural sweetness with their unique and delicious flavor that also enhances the other ingredients. Plus they make cakes and muffins beautifully moist!

Chiquita bananas can also make some ghoulish surprises, with their lovely yellow skin peeled back to look like a Halloween ghost! All they need is some well-placed spiderwebs and spooky lighting, and you have the perfect marriage with the orange color of the Jack o’ Lantern!

This year, Chiquita has developed three bananas recipes specially for this event that will make your Halloween party perfect:

Halloween popsicle ghosts with Chiquita bananas dipped in yoghurt glaze

Ghosts are a big part of Halloween; Chiquita bananas are a wonderful, healthy treat. With this recipe you get the best of both worlds – the tasty yoghurt glaze really blends well with the unique, sweet Chiquita banana flavour. Kids will adore them!

Halloween pumpkin muffins with Chiquita banana

Could there be anything better than a pumpkin and banana muffin? Just add chocolate chips for an extra-delicious treat. These easy muffins have the perfect balance of both star ingredients and are super moist and tasty.

Halloween pumpkin pie with Chiquita banana

There’s no better Halloween tradition than pumpkin pie! With banana added, the result is a super creamy, beautifully spiced and perfectly sweet treat that provides a novel twist on an old family favorite.

At Halloween, everyone wants to have fun, good food and good health, and Chiquita bananas are the ideal partner. They are the treat with a yummy taste that kids love – and parents love them too, because our bananas are packed with vital nutrients. A banana provides a generous helping of healthy fiber, minerals and important vitamins to keep kids trick or treating happily for the whole evening. So happy baking, and Happy Halloween!

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