Health & Benefits

Chiquita bananas: the hero fruit!

Health & Benefits

May 29th 2020 ・ 2 min reading

When you need a healthy snack, quite simply, Chiquita bananas are the best.

We like to think of our humble banana as a true hero – peel back that lovely yellow skin and underneath you will find genuinely super amounts of important vitamins and minerals, packed into a sweet, delicious fruit. You’ll find that a Chiquita banana offers superior taste and quality that you wont forget.

The best thing about Chiquita bananas is that there’s no wrong way to eat them. Because they come in their own tough, handy packaging, there’s nothing simpler than grabbing a banana when you go out for exercise, to work or to school. We take such care in growing our bananas that they receive the special blue Chiquita sticker that we all know and love. It is this love and care that makes the Chiquita banana quality and taste stand out above the rest.

Chiquita banana fruit 2
Chiquita Banana fruit 3

Amazingly, Chiquita bananas are not only the tastiest of the bunch, they’re also good for you. Bananas are one of the best fruit sources of “happy” vitamin B6, and are also a good source of vitamin C. The manganese in bananas is great for your skin, and their generous helping of potassium is good for heart health and blood pressure. Bananas can aid digestion and help beat gastrointestinal issues thanks to a helpful amount of soluble fibre, and their natural sugars provide a long-lasting boost of energy. Best of all, they don’t contain any fats or cholesterol.

A Chiquita banana will give you so much more than you might think. Underneath the Chiquita banana’s skin is a truly amazing fruit – a hero of your shopping!

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