The Chiquita Blue Sticker turns pink for a good cause

Corporate News
08 Oct 2018

The Chiquita Blue Sticker turns pink for a good cause!

200 million Chiquita bananas will be wearing the special pink-colored sticker. For the whole month of October, Chiquita’s iconic Blue Sticker will turn bright pink to contribute to raise awareness on the pressing topic of breast cancer. Many people have been touched by breast cancer and Chiquita is committed to increasing awareness of breast cancer around the world. We are proud to strengthen the campaign by introducing the Pink sticker into households all over the globe.

With millions of new cases each year, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. As you may know, Chiquita bananas are the most popular fruit in the world. They say strength comes in numbers and we plan on taking advantage of Chiquita bananas’ popularity to draw attention to the sensitive topic that affects everyone.

“Being present in almost every household, this campaign is a great way for Chiquita to draw attention to breast cancer and reaffirm the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle” declared Global Marketing Director Bettina Stier Scatamachia.

For the second time, Chiquita joins forces with different foundations across the world, such as the American Cancer Society and Pink Ribbon in Europe. “Being a Good Neighbor” is one of Chiquita’s sustainability initiatives. This does not only mean our neighbors in the communities we operate, but also in communities among our consumers. As a part of this initiative, we have committed to increasing awareness about cancer and fighting against it.

Chiquita deploys its support for the cause on three levels. First, it funds research to find a cure. Second, it raises awareness about the importance of early detection. Third, Chiquita promotes overall well-being and an active lifestyle in general to help prevention. To achieve these three objectives the Chiquita campaign will use an array of targeted actions, including media engagement, as well as the involvement of influencers and brand ambassadors.

In the UK, we have partnered with Girl vs Cancer to create a limited-edition Chiquita banana t-shirt. All the sales from the t-shirts will be split between 4 charities. 

Many people have been touched by breast cancer, either personally or by watching loved ones confront the disease. Every effort makes a difference. Show your support for breast cancer awareness by wearing pink for the month of October.