The Banana Sun
The Banana Sun

Chiquita Presents “The Banana Sun”

Corporate News
11 Aug 2017

The Ultimate Eclipse-Themed (Marketing) Phenomenon Debuts Across North America as Chiquita Creates a Banana-Shaped Sun

Chiquita Brands International announces a once-in-a-lifetime (give or take) celestial phenomenon for everyone in North America on Monday, August 21. Chiquita will move the moon in between the earth and the sun and, for two glorious moments before and after the total eclipse, turn the burning ball of gas in the center of our solar system into a giant banana. The banana sun will be visible to everyone across North America (just be sure to wear protective eyewear!) as well as live-streamed via Facebook in collaboration with Funny or Die. The event officially launches Chiquita’s playful new integrated brand campaign, “We Are Bananas,” in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy.

“From debuting our iconic Blue Stickers in 1944 to introducing the world to Miss Chiquita, we’ve always aimed to drive Chiquita’s message of fun through vibrant and light-hearted visual storytelling,” said Chiquita Brands International’s president and CEO, Andrew Biles. “’We Are Bananas’ continues that tradition with new and exciting out-of-this-world creative for our fans.”

Leading up to the banana sun is a series of activations that celebrate this moment, including:

  • The website, which serves as the hub for all banana sun activity, including the Facebook live stream.
  • A series of web films, including the 60-second “Banana Service Announcement” launching today to introduce the banana sun.
  • Beginning August 14, a Chiquita chat bot on Facebook Messenger to tell fans the exact time to look for the banana sun based on where they live.
  • Debuting on August 20, the “Big Banana” is a larger-than-life glowing OOH installation near the Flatiron Building in NYC.
  • Banana-shaped eclipse-viewing glasses to safely view the banana sun, which will be distributed at the Big Banana in NYC and to lucky fans online while supplies last.

“We’ve always strived to move mountains with our work, but until now, moving the fifth-largest natural satellite in our solar system was simply a pipe dream,” said Wieden+Kennedy creative Jarrod Higgins. “We’re so honored to celebrate this wondrous moment with banana devotees around the country free of charge.”

In partnership with the team at Funny or Die, the “Chiquita presents the Chiquita Banana Sun Countdown: Live on Facebook” live stream will begin at 9:15 AM PDT on August 21. Fans can catch the action by visiting Funny or Die’s Facebook page or registering for the event on Facebook.

In addition to the Banana Sun, “We Are Bananas” includes bold out of home that launched earlier this year in 13 markets with headlines that strategically play into the hand-picked locations. Freeway billboards display headlines that read “don’t honk if you love bananas (ok that's everybody)”” and “exit now for bananas probably.” Over 300 gyms playfully displayed, “first pull-ups, then peel-downs” and “do you even banana, bro?”

Banana Sun FAQ

What is the banana sun?

The banana sun will occur when Chiquita moves the moon in between the earth and the sun, thereby creating a yellow crescent that looks like a Chiquita banana.

When does it occur?

The banana sun cometh on August 21, 2017.

Who can see the banana sun?

Everyone! We’ve designed this experience so that all North Americans can stand in the shadow of the moon and marvel at the world’s banana-shaped light source.

Oh, you’re talking about the solar eclipse.

Yes, the Chiquita banana sun.

I thought the important part of the eclipse was the totality.

You were wrong.

But everyone I know is traveling to the path of totality to see the eclipse.

Well, just think of all the time and money you’ll save, and the logistical headaches you’ll avoid by staying away from the (totally overrated) totality. The far greater banana sun phenomenon is visible to everyone in North America. We planned it that way!

Can I see the banana sun on the path of totality?

On the path of totality, you will see two distinct banana suns. The total eclipse occurs in between the two banana suns as a sort of lackluster intermission.

What if it’s cloudy and I can’t see the banana sun?

If the banana sun is obscured by inclement weather, we will reschedule it for June 10, 2021.

Are you moving the sun behind the moon, or the moon in front of the sun?

The true answer is too complicated to get into here, but the short answer is: both. As it turns out, celestial bodies are always in motion. (But don’t worry; we figured it out.)

Are you really branding a celestial event? Is nothing sacred anymore?


Is Chiquita responsible for every solar eclipse?

Don’t you mean “banana sun”?

Ugh. Fine. Is Chiquita responsible for every “banana sun”?

Yes (you’re welcome).

Is the banana sun dangerous? How can I view it safely?

The banana sun is no more dangerous than your average solar eclipse. Please follow eclipse safety guides like this one.

What if I don’t want to put myself in a potentially dangerous situation by exposing my eyes to UV radiation?

Exchange the higher UV risk for moderate eye strain by staring into the safe glow of your computer monitor. Our Facebook live stream begins at 9:30 AM PDT on August 21. Watch it here.

Did you put a Chiquita sticker on the actual sun?

We put one there with our imaginations, yes.

What will happen to the sun after the eclipse?

The sun will not be harmed by temporary transfiguration into a banana. It will return to its normal state shortly thereafter.

In case I miss it, when is the next banana sun?

Missing it is not an option. As long as you are in North America, you’ll see the banana sun. But we also created a robot that will tell you the exact right time to look. Chat with it on Facebook Messenger!

Still not entirely sure I get it . . . but thank you anyway.

With pleasure.