Fun Chiquita Flash Challenges to celebrate Chiquita Banana Day!


April 8th 2020 ・ min reading

April 15th is Chiquita Banana Day and we’re celebrating in style! Join us and discover a world of exciting flash challenges, games and prizes in our biggest giveaway ever!

With much of the world currently in need of distractions – we’re so pleased to provide our banana lovin’ community with these entertaining, fun and creative activities to make staying at home more fun.

So go bananas with us on Chiquita Banana Day! To start the day, what could be better than to devour a couple of Chiquita bananas for a quick and easy healthy breakfast?  In each perfectly curved yellow container is a fruit jam packed with vitamins ( C and B6), minerals (potassium and magnesium) as well as fiber and that all important resistant starch.

Add all of these benefits to the great creamy banana taste that everyone loves, and maintaining energy levels throughout the day is… well…. a piece of banana cake! Wrapped in its own packaging, the Chiquita banana is a hit for a quick and easy healthy snack. The benefits of bananas are all very much worth cheering for!

In past years, our banana lovin’ community has celebrated Chiquita Banana Day with a lot of fun and (sometimes crazy) banana-based activities – from dressing up as bananas to creating new and interesting banana recipes. This year, while we’re all doing our best to stay safe and healthy at home, we wanted to celebrate this day with some fun entertainment for everyone… from the little ones to the grown-ups.

Our Chiquita Flash Challenges will start out small and easy but will increasingly become more difficult with each day. Follow the clues on Instagram from the 10th April, and get ready to exercise that brain matter, re-ignite your creative side and just have as much fun as you can! There’ll be exciting giveaways such as power banks, toasters, sunglasses, clothes, pens and more.

We’re all in this together. Everything may feel a little strange right now, but here at Chiquita, we want to let you know that we’re right there with you. So get your banana on for Chiquita Banana Day! It’s going to be a riot.

And remember to check out all our amazing banana recipes here –  we know you have time to bake! Let’s all stay safe, stay positive and stay home.



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