Potassium in bananas
Potassium in bananas

Doctor’s Orders: Get A Daily Dose of Potassium-packed Chiquita Bananas

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11 Dec 2017

One of the many reasons we love Chiquita bananas—and why they’re quite possibly the world’s most perfect food—is because our favorite yellow fruit is both delicious and nutritious.

When it comes to eating healthy, Chiquita bananas have become synonymous with the power-packed benefits of potassium. The third most abundant mineral found in the human body, potassium helps us function on almost every level. Want to keep those muscles moving, that heart ticking, and help reduce your stress? Yep, you need potassium for that. And with 450 miligrams of the mineral in each piece of fruit, enjoying your daily dose of Chiquita banana has become not just a delicious ritual, but also an important part of staying fit and healthy.

Potassium Protects Your Ticker

People around the world are passionate about spreading the banana love, which is only right given the hard work the potassium in Chiquita bananas does to keep our hearts fit and functioning. Potassium is known to help lower blood pressure and regulate the heartbeat, but a new study has found that it helps protects the heart in another way. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have found that potassium can help lower our risk of heart disease by keeping our arteries nimble.

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Keeps Those Muscles Moving

Bananas have always been known to be a great snack before hitting the gym or after a vigorous session on the treadmill. But what you probably didn’t know is bananas contain potassium, a powerful mineral, helps keep the muscles working like well-oiled machines to prevent muscle cramps. Remember to fuel up with a Chiquita banana the next time you’re planning to sweat it out.

Improves Your Brain Function

The benefits of potassium have a domino effect when it comes to keeping you healthy. When you eat a Chiquita banana, your body gets a jolt of potassium which helps absorb more oxygen and keep your blood vessels relaxed and humming along. This allows more of that good oxygen to reach the brain to keep you clear-headed and your noggin performing in peak condition. And by lowering blood pressure, potassium can also help reduce the risk of strokes. That’s a brain—and banana—win-win if we’ve ever heard one!

Helps Up Your Metabolism

We all know that metabolism is the magic word when managing our weights, and bananas are here to help. In addition to exercise and eating well, potassium gives a natural increase to our metabolisms by keeping our muscles in top shape and our bodies processing energy more efficiently. So next time you want to spice up your breakfast, try whipping up a smoothie made from spinach, banana’s potassium BFF, and Chiquita bananas to start the day off right.

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Helps You Stay Zen

Potassium is a natural way to help your body managing the hormonal and physical effects that lead to stress. Not only will the potassium found in bananas help you feel more calm and clear-headed, but it will also cause ripple effects that will boost the rest of your body’s behavior. Stay zen and snack on some Chiquita bananas on the gowhen you need a mental boost.

Supports Your Nervous System

Your nervous system never gets a break from playing the lead role when it comes to managing your body’s internal communications, but potassium assists as the supporting role of the year. As an electrolyte, potassium helps to maintain the balance of fluids that play an essential role in keeping the nervous system working in tip-top shape. Do your body a favor and listen to your brain when it tells you to go grab a Chiquita banana!