How to beat the afternoon slump
How to beat the afternoon slump

How to beat the afternoon slump

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01 Nov 2018

We all know the mid-afternoon feeling when your energy levels are at zero and your day seems endless. The onset of procrastinations, difficulty concentrating, continual yawning and dry eyes, but don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. What is really important is knowing how to beat that afternoon slump and carry on with your day.

  1. Take a walk:
    Boost the blood flow to your brain by getting moving! Take the stairs to get your heart rate pumping, it’s simple! When the afternoon slump hits you, get up, get moving, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. It will have you feeling mentally refreshed and will leave you feeling more alert when you get back to your desk. 

  2. Stay hydrated: Having a drink of water can turn your afternoon around. When your body is dehydrated, you start to feel fatigued. Try to maintain your water intake throughout the entire day, starting when you wake up. However, if the afternoon slump creeps up on you without notice, have a couple of classes of fresh water, it will give you the refreshing boost you need and help you concentrate better. 

  3. Have a snack:
    Attending to your body’s nutritional needs is one of the best ways to fight off the tiredness. Snacks with natural sugars, protein and high in energy is the best option. Yes, you guessed it! Chiquita has got you covered. Chiquita bananas have simple carbohydrates to give you the quick burst of energy you need, which is balanced out by the high levels of protein, to make sure that energy sticks around to get you through the last hours of your working day. If you don’t have time to prepare, go for some Chiquita Banana Fruit Kebabs, simple and tasty. If you have a spare 10 minutes, whip up some Chiquita Banana and Coconut Energy Balls. And if you’re super organized, prepare some Banana Granola Bars in the beginning of the week, they’ll have you feeling like you can take on any task while your week passes by like a breeze. If the afternoon slump sneaks up on you, keep a fresh and portable Chiquita banana on hand. It will spark up your energy levels and make your smile from ear to ear!

  4. Stretch it out:
    You don’t even have to leave your desk. Feeling stiff? There are lots of clever desk stretching routines you can do to recharge your batteries in just a couple of minutes. This will get the blood pumping and loosen any tense muscles. 

  5. Switch tasks:
    Sometimes we get fed up with the one task and start procrastinating, feeling sluggish, losing concentration and achieving nothing. Why waste your time? Time chunking is an easy trip to boost your productivity level and give yourself a break. If you have been focusing on the one task for hours, change your focus to another, less demanding task for 30 minutes. Once that’s completed, get straight back into the first task feeling a little more motivated and refreshed. This way, you will still be checking things off your ‘To do’ list and you won’t be wasting any time!

Go on, make the most of your days with these Chiquita tips to beat the afternoon snooze! We would love to know what you do for a quick afternoon pick-me-up. Let us know by using #Chiquitabanana