Say it with bananas!
Say it with bananas!

Say it with bananas!

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17 Jul 2018

Have you ever sat back and thought about all the memories you have made with your friends? The laughter and the tears, the risk running and the reality checks. Have you ever thought, ‘gee, where would I be if they weren’t by my side? They may have been there for your most frivolous or most crucial moments in your life, but the role they played counted.

Where would you be without friends?

There are plenty of nice little things you can do to show gratitude to your friends. But what better way than with a sweet, uplifting, light-hearted Chiquita banana? On July 30th, show your friends you care about them celebrating the International Friendship day, and every other day, with these tips.

Put a smile on your workplace besties’ face. Leave a Chiquita banana on their desk. Draw a silly face on the peel and leave a sticky note, that way they’ll know it was from you. They will have a chuckle when they find it. However, they will really be thankful when the mid-afternoon slump hits them and they can recharge with some Chiquita goodness!

Say it with BanansMake it a priority to catch up with your ‘long-time-no-see’ friend. Life gets busy and it can often be hard to find a free moment to spend time just the two of you. Plan ahead. Write it in your calendars and save the date. Pack a picnic and go to a quiet park. Sit there and chat for hours on end, while treating yourselves with a delicious, vegetarian snack Chiquita Banana Honey Pecan Muffins. As you get older, catch ups might be few and far between, but each one is just as important as the other.

Spark up your tech-savvy friend’s mood with a cheeky Chiquita GIF. It’s a thoughtful way to say ‘I’m thinking of you’. Technology is best when it brings people together, but it’s even better when it’s golden yellow and fun-filled!

Fill your gourmand friend’s heart and stomach with a personalized recipe book. It’s a kind and practical gift! But only give it to them after you have written in some of your favorite Chiquita recipes. Who knows, maybe they’ll even prepare the recipe for you!

Little acts of kindness will help you both smile, even if only just for a few minutes. Take the time out of your day to show your friend you appreciate them.

Cheers for Friendship to our dear Chiquita community!