Miss Chiquita wins the first PopIcon International Achievement Award


March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

The world’s leading banana company, Chiquita Brands International, is delighted to announce that the first lady of fruit:

Miss Chiquita, has won the first Pop Icon International Achievement Award during Advertising Week Latin America.

Digital destination Pop Icon, which is dedicated to celebrating iconic brand mascots, presented the award at one of the Discovery Awards, held February 19th. This high-profile event recognizes and celebrates the innovation and creativity of the best of branded content solutions: the most enduring brand symbols, which achieve the closest connection with consumers and the most impressive results in their campaigns.

Miss Chiquita perfectly represents the leading global produce company’s unique identity: customers know that the world-famous Blue Sticker means they are buying a great banana. She was first drawn by cartoonist Dik Browne, who created and illustrated Hagar the Horrible as well as Hi and Lois comics, putting a face to the world’s best-known banana brand.


In her early years, conceived as an animated banana, Miss Chiquita was instrumental in educating consumers in the 1940s about the great nutritional value of bananas and how to ripen them. As the years progressed, she came to life, and as an increasingly-popular celebrity made guest appearances in top radio shows and took part in movies and commercials, even appearing alongside the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Since 1963, a likeness of Miss Chiquita has appeared on the iconic Blue Sticker that guarantees the high quality of every Chiquita banana. In 1987, she was transformed into a woman by artist Oscar Grillo, who created the Pink Panther, completing her epic journey to become a real, and much-loved, person in her own right.

Today, Miss Chiquita is still the standard-bearer for the world’s best bananas and makes regular celebrity appearances at landmark events, regularly refreshing her look to meet adoring banana fans everywhere.

The awards will air on Discovery networks LATAM.

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