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Tips to motivate your family to be healthier

Health & Benefits

March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Take steps in the right direction toward a healthier family.

Making sure you and your family have a healthy diet and active lifestyle is so important. However, with hectic schedules and picky eaters, this is not always the easiest task. At Chiquita, we are firm believers that making small changes will create big differences, especially when it comes to eating well. We are here to challenge our Chiquita community to encourage their families to be healthier and more active than ever before!

Here are some of our simple tips to get you started.

  1. Make switches:
    Swap sugary drinks for infused water or fresh Chiquita banana smoothies. Swap family movie night for family adventure day, like going to the park. Swap board-games for cooking competitions. Swap take-out for eat-outside (in the fresh air!). Swap candy for dried fruit and nut mixes.
  2. Involve the whole family!:
    Have your entire family get involved in choosing meals. Start by giving them a selection of healthy recipes and have them narrow it down to create your weekly meal plan. Check out some of Chiquita’s favorite healthy recipes here. Everyone is happy to have their voices heard, so why not apply this to meal times, too? You will find that everyone is a little more enthusiastic about it. In addition, it will help you be more organized and simplify your shopping list.
  3. Be a role model!:
    If you’re snacking on junk food and sipping on sugary drinks, the rest of your family is likely to do so as well. If you spend your weekend on the couch binge watching your favorite tv show, your family will too! It’s really important to set an example for your family, one small change at a time. Change your snack from packaged chips to homemade Chiquita banana chips. Give up that tv show for a stroll around the neighborhood. You will see the rest of your family following in your footsteps.
  4. Be aware of portion sizes!:
    Try to make sure that half of your family’s plate is fruit and vegetables. Check to see what portion sizes are recommended for each of your family members, and try to keep this in mind when serving meals. This is important to make sure that everyone is getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, and not over or under eating.
  5. Emphasize fruit and vegetables:
    Mix vegetables into your go-to dishes. It should be easier to introduce vegetables into familiar dishes rather than with new dishes. Serve your vegetables in a range of different ways, not just the same old recipe. Have fresh fruit and vegetables cut up and ready to eat. Keep them in containers in the fridge so that your family can help themselves to a quick and healthy snack. Essentially, make fruit and vegetables appealing and convenient.
  6. Differentiate and teach!:
    The most important thing is to teach your family why and what they are eating. By doing this, your family will be able to make their own informed decisions when making food choices. Teach your family the difference between everyday snacks and special occasion snacks, teach them which foods contain what nutrients, and what job each nutrient does in the body. Also, teach your family about the recommended daily activity and food intake.

Some unhealthy habits can become part of a family’s routine. We challenge you to replace these habits with healthier ones. Some families already follow a healthy lifestyle, but could always do better. We challenge you to take it to the next level and get even healthier!

Out with the old and in with the active and conscious. Start setting goals for you and your family for a healthier future! Share your goals with us by using #Chiquitabanana

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