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Want to have some fun with math? Try and figure out our banana calculations!

Our bananas games are a fun way to practice your math skills. But make no mistakes, some of these games are tricky. We have seen children and adults argue about them! Take a close look to what you see and take time to think. Maybe have a banana in the meantime. Can you solve them?

Chiquita Banana Numbers
Chiquita Banana Numbers
Chiquita Banana Numbers
Chiquita Banana Numbers
How many helium filled balloons do you need to lift a hand of bananas in the air? Now is your time to create a fantastic experiment.

Everything you need is a hand of Chiquita Bananas and a bunch of helium balloons. Take the first balloon and tie it to the Bananas. What happens? Are they already flying away? In case they are still where you left them in the first place, take the next helium balloon and tie it to the Banana as well. Tell us how many balloons it takes to lift up the hand of Chiquita bananas in the air.
Chiquita Balloons Experiment
What would you say: does a Banana drown in water?
Or does it float?
How about you test it yourself?
Drowning Banana Experiment
Bananas help you concentrate so you can solve the most difficult mazes in no time! How long did it take you?
Chiquita Labyrinth
We are looking for one of our Chiquita Bananas! Can you find it among all these other items?
Find the sticker
There are 3 pieces missing in our banana puzzle. Which one belongs where? Can you solve the riddle?
Banana Puzzle


The three images below all contain some small mistakes. Compare the left side with the right side, but be very careful you don't miss anything.
Can you spot all of the errors? Good luck!