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Five Great Pre Workout Snacks to Have Before Running

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March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

With marathon season approaching, you may be focused on training and building up your endurance. And with endurance training, it’s important you’re giving your body the right type of energy. Wholesome healthy snacks that are easy to digest and provide long-lasting energy and are what to eat for energy for keeping up the pace – whether you’re focused on a 5K or a full marathon.

There are dozens of different runs across the country to suit every type of runner. Runs vary in size and can be found in communities from coast to coast. Fun themed runs for kids and families are also plentiful! Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned runner, nourishing your body with the right kinds of healthy snacks is key.  Here are 5 great pre workout snacks that will help give you sustained long-lasting energy, plus loads of nutrients for your training.

Pre Workout Snack #1: Bananas


What to eat before running? Bananas are always a great idea! Bananas provide potassium, which helps prevent cramping in your muscles, and they’re also a great source of natural sugars –  which help provide long-lasting sustained energy. It’s a misconception that bananas are not healthy because of their sugar content. The natural sugars in bananas come with fiber, which slows digestion and gives the body time to use it as fuel instead of storing it as fat.

Pre Workout Snack #2: Cottage Cheese

This delicious protein-packed cheese mixed with bananas is a great healthy pre workout snack to have before training. You can also add crunch by sprinkling omega-rich cashews or almonds for an extra protein kick. Protein helps you feel full for longer – so it’s essential for long runs and to help rebuild and repair muscles after intense training periods.

Pre Workout Snack #3: Smoothies

Smoothies are great as a pre workout snack because they don’t fill you up but provide loads of nutrients and energy to sustain your training. You can use milk or juice as a liquid base and then add in fruits and vegetables as desired. Many fitness enthusiasts also add a scoop or two of protein powder to help bulk smoothies up and give that extra boost of protein.

Pre Workout Snack #4: Edamame

More than just a delicious appetizer at your favorite sushi joint, edamame is an ideal workout snack! The tasty green soybeans are a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B. What’s more, edamame packs a punch when it comes to heart-healthy isoflavones that support bone health. This is the perfect pre workout snack for those who prefer savory to sweet when it comes to healthy snacks.

Pre Workout Snack #5: Chocolate Milk

If you’re not a seasoned runner, you probably think chocolate milk is just for kids! But did you know, chocolate milk actually has a cult-like following in the endurance sports world? It’s rich in calcium to keep bones strong, plus has loads of protein and carbohydrates to keep you fueled throughout your run. And of course, the sugar in chocolate milk can give you that quick burst of energy that you’ll need to get your run off to a speedy start!

So there you have 5 great healthy snacks to have before running. Remember bananas are also a winner when it comes to convenience due to their handy natural carry case – you can even take one in your pocket for a mid-run healthy snack! So go grab some Chiquita bananas next time you’re at the store and run-run-run! Happy training, friends!

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