Benefits of bananas for hikers


May 4th 2021 ・ 4 min reading

If hiking is your favorite hobby, you’re not alone! More and more people are taking up this fantastic pastime as a way to get fit, and naturally they are also looking for healthy snacks to take along on the journey. Chiquita bananas are top for taste and quality and also the perfect fuel for eating before your outdoor workout. Let’s look at some of the benefits that eating a banana can bring for hikers.

Pre-workout meals

If you’re planning a hike, you’ll want to make sure that what you eat before you leave doesn’t hold you back or make you feel too full! Compact, lightweight foods are also a must, because the less extra weight you need to carry, the better – and luckily bananas already come in their own tough and stylish carry cases, courtesy of Mother Nature!

Bananas are a great sources of vitamin B6, which aids a normal energy-yielding metabolism (a scientific way of saying that your body is processing energy as it should), and also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Bananas also famously contain potassium, which helps your muscles work properly. These benefits make them a great healthy snack to eat for energy before a hike, during a break in your day, or when you’re cooling down.

Benefits of bananas for hiking

When you want to eat for energy

Whether you are planning a quick hike for an hour or two, or an excursion that will take a week or more, the best snack to eat before your workout is one that can provide you with a steady source of energy throughout the day. Bananas are the ideal snack to eat for energy, because they contain a good amount of fiber, both soluble and insoluble, particularly when they are a little under-ripe. This means your body digests them slowly and releases the energy from their healthy carbs steadily, so you feel full for longer without being weighed down, and your energy levels will remain high.

For a light breakfast to eat before your workout – and maybe a snack or two along the way – a banana is a great choice. We also have some great recipes for healthy banana energy bars if you’re looking for something a little different to take with you!

Healthy snacks

Hikers choose foods that are lightweight, easy to eat, nutrient-dense and healthy. On a long and challenging hike, a nutritious and filling healthy snack that doesn’t take up much room in your backpack is a real bonus.

If the weather turns cold while you’re out, it’s also important to have a comforting snack that you can eat for energy, something that can help to make up for the extra calories you’re burning. Chiquita bananas are the delicious, sweet treat you’re looking for! You could also take dried banana chips which are simple to digest. They’re also really easy to make!

Benefits of bananas for hiking

Vitamins and minerals

Hikers are likely to want to ensure they stay healthy as part of an active lifestyle, so the generous helping of key vitamins and minerals in Chiquita bananas is great news.

Bananas are also a good source of potassium, as outlined above (with a whopping 17.9% of the recommended daily amount). Potassium is depleted from muscles during exercise and needs to be replenished – this is one of the main reasons why bananas are great as a post-hike healthy snack as well as an ideal food to eat before your workout.

Our bodies also excel at using the natural carbohydrates in bananas, which in tandem with all that fiber helps to keep you going while you’re walking – ideal for that pre-workout snack. For anyone who’s looking to maintain a healthy body, the fact that bananas are fat and cholesterol free, and contain no salt, is a bonus.

At the end of the day

If you’re going on a multi-day hike, at the end of each day you’ll need a healthy post-workout meal that’s easy to prep, and also delicious, so you can relax without worrying about making a big effort in the kitchen (or over the fire). You’ll be delighted to hear that there are some amazing savory banana recipes on our website, which are not only quick and easy to make but also really delicious!

Bananas can also be easily made into a healthy smoothie, which can be kept cool in an insulated bottle which will help those aching muscles to recover for the next day’s challenge!

As you can see, Chiquita bananas are the perfect pre- and post-hiking workout snack for energy, so don’t forget to get some today and include them on your trek!

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