The best pre-workout snacks


April 19th 2021 ・ 4 min reading

Working out has become incredibly popular. An important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating well with balanced nutrition. Eating after a workout is important but eating beforehand is just as critical, to give you that great boost of energy you need to do your best. We’ll have a look below in more detail at why pre-workout meals are an essential part of your exercise regimen, and why a tasty, high quality Chiquita banana is the perfect choice for your snack. If you are looking for new ways to fuel your workout, we also have some great ideas below!

Why do I need a pre-workout meal?

Pre workout food is important – our bodies need good fuel to work properly! Everyone wants to get the most out of their workout, so choosing an energy-dense, nutritious food that’s light and easy to digest – and the right balance of carbs, vitamins, minerals, and protein – makes perfect sense. Chiquita bananas contain all these good things, which is why they are simply the best food for before a workout, as we’ll discover in more detail below.

One important thing to remember is to eat your pre-workout meal at least 30 minutes before you start training, to give those useful banana carbs time to start digesting!

Pre-workout recipes

You can also get that delicious Chiquita banana goodness as part of a more substantial treat – and we’ve got some great new recipes you can try out on our website. Simple to make and truly mouth-watering, why not try one before your next workout?

Pre-workout almond butter banana and coconut energy bowl by Chiquita

Pre-workout almond butter banana coconut energy bowl by Chiquita

Nut butters are incredibly popular these days, and no wonder – they are high protein, full of fiber, and the perfect companion for a delicious Chiquita banana! Almond butter, in particular, has a gorgeous texture and taste that you’re bound to fall in love with. Sprinkling on coconut for an exotic tropical twist makes this the perfect bowl of goodness for a pre-workout meal.

Pre-workout banana and almond energy bars by Chiquita

Pre-workout banana & almond energy bars by Chiquita

Making your own energy bar is a great idea because you get to control what’s going into your body – you know for sure that there are no hidden sugars or fats and can focus on healthy ingredients. These amazing Chiquita banana and almond energy bars are packed with nutrients and super tasty. We think they’re just as delicious as anything you’ll find in a store, and a really great pre-workout meal.

Pre-workout peanut butter and banana chia seed toast by Chiquita

One of the yummiest combinations you can imagine, peanut butter and banana, is teamed here in a scrumptious toasted snack with fiber-rich, energy-dense chia seeds for an extra boost of energy for your workout. This is such a firm favorite with fitness fans that we’re surprised it hasn’t won its own medal yet! Spread on crunchy toast, this is our idea of pre-workout food heaven.

  • ½ Chiquita banana, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
  • 2 slices sprouted whole grain (or gluten free bread)
  • ½ tablespoon chia seeds

Banana goodness, in detail

Pre-workout food should give you a long-lasting energy boost, which is why bananas are such a popular choice for many athletes for all kinds of activities. Specifically, bananas are a great option for anyone who enjoys working out.

This is because during an intense workout, your body uses its stores of glycogen to give you a quick boost of energy. However, our muscles can only carry a limited amount and it quickly becomes depleted. Because the carbs in a banana are teamed with a good helping of fiber, particularly when they’re a little under-ripe, they are released slowly and steadily during your workout, helping to top up the energy you need as you train. Just what you need in a pre-workout meal!

When you’re looking for the best food to eat before a workout, bananas offer all sorts of other benefits as well – they contain excellent levels of vitamin B6, which helps in converting those carbs into usable energy. This handy, water-soluble vitamin is important in metabolising protein and fat as well, and for creating red blood cells.

Bananas are famously high in potassium, which is an important mineral for all sports lovers. Potassium is an electrolyte that enables nutrients to move into cells, keeps your nerves working properly, and helps your muscles contract and your heartbeat to stay regular, so it’s easy to see why they are a good option for pre-workout food. Some people also swear by bananas to help relieve their muscle cramps.

If you’re working out as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, you’ll also be pleased to hear that bananas don’t contain any cholesterol, salt, or fat. So, when you’re looking for the perfect pre-workout meal, a banana is a really good choice.

As you can see, delicious and nutritious Chiquita bananas can star in your perfect pre-workout meal – so don’t forget to get some today and include them as part of your workout!

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