Miss Chiquita Says: ‘Thank You!’


May 4th 2020 ・ 5 min reading


It’s encouraging to see the first signs of life coming back. As you will notice, Miss Chiquita has also returned to our iconic Blue Sticker. She has come back to celebrate the green shoots of recovery and to thank our partners, employees and everyone else involved in our supply chain who have made sure that Chiquita’s bananas, renowned for their quality and taste, could be available as a relevant source of nutrition for people everywhere.


From farm to shelf, our entire supply chain have continued to work hard throughout the lockdown to guarantee that our tasty bananas were successfully picked, packed, shipped, transported and displayed in stores – we’d like to deliver a huge thank you to all involved for your dedication and commitment!

Chiquita is an iconic and long-lasting brand, having been around for over 150 years. Chiquita is an amazingly resilient company, something we’ve proved in the past, through the good times and the bad, while always working hard to ensure the highest quality of our product and the efficiency of our service.

Moving forward to a better future, Chiquita will be there once more, ensuring our much-loved bananas continue to make that incredible journey from our farms to your table. We will continue to embrace socially and environmentally sustainable good practices in everything we do.

Succeeding through the worst of times as well as the best has only been possible because of the incredible efforts and passion of all our people: our agronomists; our growers; our ripeners; our distributors; our retailer partners – everyone who is part of the remarkable journey that brings our delicious bananas from the field to the store. And, of course, everyone who loves to eat a tasty, healthy Chiquita banana! Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

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