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Chiquita Debuts Bananas’ Health Benefits on New Sticker Series

Sticker Moments & Campaigns

February 1st 2021 ・ 3 min reading

Chiquita is continuing its mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living in the new year by launching a new limited-edition Sticker Series focused on the benefits of Chiquita bananas, which will adorn millions of its bananas from the end of January through February.

The transformed Blue Stickers feature a combination of essential vitamins and nutrients found in Chiquita bananas, along with playful sayings such as “Nature’s Candy Bar” and “Rush Hour Fuel” that showcase the versatility of the delicious fruit.

The Ingredient Stickers are a timely nod to current trends, as a recent study reports that 77% of U.S. adults are actively working to improve their health. With this in mind, Chiquita is setting out to educate consumers on the health benefits and convenience of eating its bananas.

Chiquita Banana The Everything Fruit Stickers

“As people continue to focus on their health, Chiquita hopes this sticker series will serve as a fun reminder that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether they’re enjoyed as an on-the-go snack or used in a flavorful recipe, Chiquita bananas are a delicious and simple way to add essential vitamins and nutrients to any diet plan.”

Tina Varjabedian, Marketing Manager North America for Chiquita.

Banana nutrition – the benefits of eating Chiquita bananas

Rich with a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, enjoying Chiquita bananas can contribute to a well-rounded, healthier lifestyle. Each yellow banana is packed with fiber, vitamin B6, and natural sugars. These nutrients help the body stay full throughout the day and provide lasting energy without the highs and lows of a sugar spike. Bananas also have high levels of potassium, which is key for building lean muscle and protecting the heart.

Chiquita bananas’ sweet taste and adaptability make them a perfect stand-alone snack, addition to a hearty breakfast, or better-for-you swap in a decadent dessert. To encourage banana lovers to find new and creative ways to use bananas in the kitchen, Chiquita has developed a variety of banana-centric recipes for fans to make at home.

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