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Join the #ChiquitaChallenge with the amazing Bananaman

Sticker Moments & Campaigns

July 14th 2020 ・ 2 min reading

Our happy yellow friend is going to launch the new #ChiquitaChallenge, with a great new range of fitness stickers!

He’s yellow, he’s great, and he just can’t wait to meet you, because he’s here to show everyone how to do the new Chiquita Fitness sticker exercises in style! The Bananaman loves to travel (virtually) around the world cheering everyone up, learning all about their culture and food, and helping to explain how Chiquita bananas are not just incredibly tasty but also really, really good for you.

Our happy yellow friend is going to launch the new #ChiquitaChallenge, with a great new range of fitness stickers – he’s terribly helpful and just loves a big Chiquita celebration, especially when he can bring a delicious banana along! The 12 fitness stickers will give you some great ideas for how to warm up, work out, and use mindfulness to relax after your exercise, and they will be in the shops on Chiquita bananas very soon.


Bananaman knows that Chiquita bananas are bursting with the best quality and taste but also healthy vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin B2 (which helps maintain the body’s energy supply), manganese and potassium, which help to protect the body and maintain a healthy heart. In other words, they’re the perfect fruity power you need to keep fit.

He’s also going to be taking over Chiquita’s TikTok and Instagram so he can show everyone exactly how to do the fantastic fitness exercises that you’ll find on the new stickers. And he very much wants to see how you do them too – just post your own versions of the exercises with the hashtag #ChiquitaChallenge on TikTok and Instagram for everyone to see. Can you do the exercises better than Bananaman? He would love to know!


Chiquita’s online game will offer a ‘Match It’ challenge, asking participants to name the exercise the happy banana is performing. Match all of the stickers and you will have the chance to win some great Chiquita prizes.

Also, watch out for Bananaman while you’re out and about exercising, because he’s going to be travelling round lots of places – you might find him looking for something yellow near you! It’s his favorite color (it reminds him of sunshine and bananas) and it gives him his super banana strength and extra-power. Come and get involved in the #ChiquitaChallenge!


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