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Chiquita Offers New Virtual Backgrounds and Delicious Recipes to “A-peel” to Remote Learning

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September 7th 2020 ・ 5 min reading

As many families begin to navigate the 2020 school year, Chiquita is offering a “bunch” of new banana-centric virtual backgrounds and delicious recipes to keep students entertained and well-fed.

On its official website, parents and kids can easily access various recipes that reinforce healthy eating and snacking habits, suitable for virtual learning at any age! In addition, Chiquita has released fun and easily downloadable Chiquita themed Back to School virtual backgrounds for students to use on their virtual learning platforms available here.

Chiquita background_1
Learning with A-peel
Chiquita background 2
Health Eating Always at Top of Mind
Chiquita background_3
All Day I Dream of Bananas
Background 8
All Day I Dream of Bananas 2
Is it Snack Time Yet?
Bananas for Geometry

Back-to-school might look a little different this year, but no matter the circumstances, we always need healthy and delicious snacks that are both kid and adult friendly. We are thrilled to be a trusted fruit that parents reach for, not only during back to school, but all year round. Our great tasting bananas spark fun in everyday life, while also boosting nutrition in young growing minds.”

Tina Varjabedian, Marketing Manager for North America

Chiquita’s back to school recipes are available for download at and include:

Healthy Baked Chiquita Banana Chips

These baked banana chips are very easy to make and can be packaged up for a perfect on-the-go snack.

Easy Chiquita Banana Pancakes with Mixed Red Fruits and Banana Chips

Deliciously airy, fluffy and fruity, these pancakes make for the perfect family breakfast moments.

Chiquita banana waffles with blueberries and whipped cream

An unexpected twist on a classic breakfast meal, these banana and blueberry waffles are a delight to wake up to any day of the week.

Snackbox With a Peanut Butter Chiquita Banana Sandwich, Egg and Fresh Vegetables

This lovely Snackbox for kids is chock full of healthy and nutritious foods: egg, baby corn, little carrots, raspberries and a Chiquita banana sandwich with peanut butter.

Snackbox with Chiquita Banana Chips, Veggies, Fruits and Nuts

The body’s essential fuel source for exercising is unsaturated fats. This Snackbox with nuts, Chiquita banana chips, veggies, fruits and an energy bar will fuel the body before or after any workout.

As the world’s leading banana company, Chiquita proudly produces the world’s most popular fruit that has been present on kitchen tables for more than 100 years. The delicious Chiquita banana with its superior taste, great quality, and positive healthy attributes is considered a consistent grab-and-go staple snack or a breakfast topping – and strives to continuously innovate its usage through various consumption moments with healthy recipes, all starring the nutrient packed superfood.

To learn more about Chiquita’s Back-To-School recipes and virtual background downloads visit

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