The Blue Sticker all over the place
The Blue Sticker all over the place

The Blue Sticker all over the place

Corporate News
23 May 2018

Say it with Chiquita Words

Do you remember that game with the Chiquita Blue Stickers in your childhood? There were Chiquita stickers everywhere: on our cheeks, noses, shoulderblades and toes. Remember how much fun it was?! Recently, people have started to play this game again. They collect the Blue Stickers from their bunch of Chiquita bananas and stick them on yellow objects like tennis balls, letters, skirts and shirts. They have even been sighted on fingernails!

Chiquitize the world

As these stickers have started popping up everywhere and people are having fun with them, from now on Chiquita will be offering a special alphabet on their fruit. As soon as banana-lovers have collected the letters they need for composing a word or a sentence, they stick their creations on a funny place. Chiquita is inviting all Chiquitize writers to take pictures of their designs and to post them on Facebook or Instagram and to challenge their friends to do the same. The so-called #yellowchallenge is already going viral. Let your imagination run free: you can personalize objects with Chiquita letters, you can send postcards showing famous monuments with Chiquitized greetings on them, or you can simply stick a Chiquita word on other pieces of fruit. It’s up to you!

The funniest, most meaningful or most imaginative creations will be posted on the Chiquita websites and social media platforms. This amusing game underlines the fact that Chiquita is not only a remarkable brand for tasty and sustainably produced bananas, but also a modern, fun brand.

Behind the Blue Sticker

Chiquita wants to create positive and measurable impact by implementing the principles of sustainability in all its business practices. To be successful, Chiquita recognizes the importance of doing well for its employees and their families, for the communities, the fruit- industry as a whole and the environment we all live in.