10 healthy snacks to get you through your exams
10 healthy snacks to get you through your exams

10 healthy snacks to get you through your exams

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13 Nov 2018

Just because exam and study periods might be busy and overwhelming, it doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your health. Actually, it is very important to maintain your nutrition intake to keep your mind sharp and feeling energized. These snacks are so simple and quick that when you’re short for time, there’s no need to choose convenience over health, because these snacks are both!

  • Coffee? No, thanks!

Often, when we’re feeling low in energy but we don’t have time to waste, we resort to caffeine or sugar filled treats. These quick-fixes often give you a quick high and then a quick drop. You may even find that you feel more tired than you did before that cup of coffee. How about a longer lasting energy release? Why don’t you replace your cup of coffee with a glass of Chiquita Banana, Blueberry and Chia Smoothie? It’s full of natural sugars for the quick fix you need, but they stick around to get you through your study session. Take your afternoon smoothie to the next level with the combination of immune-boosting chia seeds, vitamin-packed blueberries and delicious, sweet energy-boosting Chiquita banana!

  • Power snacks!

This easy, wholesome and yummy Chiquita Banana Sushi with Coconut will help keep your mind focused over a couple of hours. But, in addition, the preparation is fun and can distract you from the books for a little while. Style your sushi with all your favorite toppings and grab your chop sticks to eat it. This snack will let you refresh and recharge your batteries, whilst also boosting you with all the necessary nutrients to keep going!

  • Studying on the go?

You might find yourself running from classes to work, trying to squeeze in as much study as possible while your moving from A to B, on the train for example. This will probably mean you are snacking on the go, too. It’s easy to grab something from a fast food or vending machine while your rushing around town. But, this option tends to be more expensive in the long run, and far less effective as brain food. Why not prepare a batch of Chiquita Banana Granola Bars to carry with you throughout the week, no matter where you go. One small bar is full of nuts which means a good source of Omega 3 and Chiquita bananas which are a huge source of energy, manganese, magnesium, fiber and so much more! Trusty Chiquita Bananas have got your back even when you haven’t got time to prepare anything. Chiquita bananas are the most portable, health and convenient snacks in the world!

These snacks will keep your brain at the top of its game during study sessions. Do your best by eating the best, Chiquita bananas. Share your study session snacks with us by using #Chiquitabanana