Banana wall art
Banana wall art

Banana art is blooming this spring

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16 May 2017

Spring is finally here and that means a new bouquet of art from some of our favorite banana artists. We These creators may all use the same canvas—bright yellow peels and soft flexible fruits—but they transform it into works of art that are distinctly their own. We've already seen some of the best banana art out there, but what about art made especially for spring?

Whether honoring the season by painting patterns of fruits and flowers, designing the latest fruity fashion trends, or creating odes to lazy days at the beach, these artists will inspire you to get out and enjoy the best spring has to offer. 

  • Flowers are a-blooming…on bananas

Flowers aren’t just for the garden—they are also a popular motif among Instagram’s growing group of banana artists like Japanese creator End Cape. With just a needle and a bright yellow canvas, End Cape creates stunning works of art like this blossoming bunch of roses through a technique that is similar to tattooing. Once he pierces his design into the peel, the process of oxidation takes over and turns it into a drawing that is both complex and delicate. 

  • The animals are out to play

Spring is all about new life, and some members of the animal kingdom are being born on the peel of a banana. Master banana artist Stephan Brusche has a vast and varied portfolio, but his depictions of our favorite four-legged—and winged—friends are some of his most fun for spring. “The banana has that funny—you can imagine a smile in it—but somehow it inspires me more to work with it,” Brusche told Chiquita. Whether he’s turning a peel into the long neck of a giraffe or honoring the bees busy at work, his creations make us smile, too.

  • Time to flaunt your fiercest fashion

Fashion illustrator Gretchen Rohrs is here to help you dust off your spring wardrobe by cutting different foods like bananas into stunning styles for her chic pen-and-ink fashionistas. The San Francisco-based artist says her subjects “beg to be captured [in art] before I eat them!”, and you can really tell on her fabulous website

  • Fruit-on-fruit picnic, anyone?

As our clever group of banana artists have proved, the yellow fruit makes the perfect canvas for just about any subject. But why complicate matters? There’s nothing more delightful than painting fruit on your fruit, as Hong Kong-based artist Marta Grossi proves. Grossi adorns her peels with patterns of watermelons, pineapples, and even more bananas that make for delightful springtime treats. “I always found inspiration from simple and ordinary things,” she told the blog Dine x Design

  • Under the sea 

You don’t need a pen and paint to create a fun piece of banana art. German artist Domenic Bahmann makes fun and whimsical pieces of art using ordinary food products which you can check out on his website. One of these is his delightful depiction of an octopus that gets us in the mood for swimming. While many banana artists draw or etch onto a pristine single yellow canvas (like a Chiquita banana) to do their best work, Bahmann experiments with arranging the banana in seemingly simple ways and adding simple, humorous touches (like a pair of googly eyes!).