The Most Inspiring Members of the #FitFam
The Most Inspiring Members of the #FitFam

The Most Inspiring Members of the #FitFam

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Whether you’re trying to get into better shape, to eat healthier, or just to embrace all around wellness, it can be hard to make life changes all on your own. But thanks to the #FitFam, there’s no shortage of Instagram inspiration and support when you need a little boost.

The #FitFam community are Instagrammers and Twitterers who share posts of their food, workout routines, and general lifestyle choices to others who want to live the same kind of positive, healthy, clean life. While this fitness crew finds strength in their endless numbers, there are a few standout accounts that will help you get on the right track and up your game in whatever area of your life you want to improve. A word of warning: the positivity and enthusiasm of this Instagram clique can be infectious. 


For your new fitness bestie: Cassey Ho

You will find no better fitness friend than Cassey Ho, an Instagram star whose attitude of positivity and encouragement will have you joining one of her wellness challenges in no time. From informative posts on meal prep (she’s all about organizing your banana pancakes and salmon salads in advance) to helping you think more deeply about your goals, Cassey is all words of wisdom on how to live your best life. 


For healthy eating tips: My New Roots

As most of us have discovered the hard way, it doesn’t matter how much work you do in the gym if you don’t also make changes in the kitchen. Sarah Britton of My New Roots makes healthy eating a little easier with her account dedicated to all things vegetarian. From how-tos and peeks into her pantry to recipes for banana smoothie bowls and so much more, she makes healthy eating look downright delicious. 


For body positivity: Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley preaches a joyful, bold, and beautiful message of body positivity. Describing herself as a “fat femme,” she shows that no matter what your dress size may be, you can find strength and confidence in pursuing fitness. In Jessamyn’s case, that’s her passion for yoga. Come for the uplifting life inspiration, stay for the killer moves on the mat complete with the obligatory gorgeous backdrops.


For a more positive life: Mind Body Green 

Sometimes we just need a little attitude adjustment to live our best lives. Mind Body Green dishes that out each day with posts ranging from inspiring quotes and calming photos to tips on meditation and all around wellness. From kids to jobs, life can get seriously overwhelming at times. Mind Body Green gives you permission—and the tips and tricks you need to make it happen—to focus on self-care in whatever form that takes, all with a delightful dash of humor. 


For All of Your Ohms: Yoga Girl

This new mommy will fill you with the inspiration you need to follow your bliss. On her feed, Rachel Brathen shares her day-to-day journeys, whether she’s setting her intentions, exploring new yoga poses, or dealing with an off day. Her positivity is infectious and will have you thinking more purposefully about your own health and fitness goals. Best of all, her words of wisdom and joy come with lots and lots of puppy pics. 


For a dose of visual inspiration: Instarunners  

There may not be a star fitness blogger at the heart of Instarunners, but this account is well worth the follow for those days when you need that extra push to get off the couch, lace up your shoes, and hit the road. Re-posting running pictures from around the world, Instarunners collects those scenic shots that will make you crave a lakeside trail of your own. Just don’t forget to post your own stunning pic when you’re sprinting around town!