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October 27th 2020 ・ 3 min reading

Chiquita welcomes the fall season with a fruitful Costume challenge giveaway and Halloween recipes!

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to enjoy sweet treats and dress up in fun costumes! This year, Chiquita is calling on its fans to share their Halloween costumes on social media for the chance to be featured on the brand’s official Instagram account. Chiquita will then re-share the costumes and urge fans to vote for the most a-peeling costume. On Halloween day, the fan submissions with the most votes will win their very own Chiquita Banana costume to use next year. To be in the running of the Chiquita costume challenge, fans are encouraged to share a photo on their Instagram account, dressed as Miss Chiquita or Chiquita Banana and tag @chiquitabanana.

In addition to the costume challenge, Chiquita has also created two delicious Halloween recipes including:

Easy Chiquita Banana Pumpkin Pie

There’s no better Halloween tradition than pumpkin pie! With a tasty Chiquita banana added into the mix, the result is a super creamy, beautifully spiced and perfectly sweet treat that provides a novel twist on a classic family favorite.

Chiquita Banana Pops with Chocolate

Who knew banana slices could be so spooky! Dipped and drizzled with white chocolate, these slices turn into mummies right before your eyes – and are the perfect treat to enjoy this Halloween season.

Halloween celebrations might look a little different this year, but no matter the circumstances, Chiquita bananas always make for healthy and delicious snacks that are both kid and adult friendly. With such a great tasting, nutritious and versatile fruit, they are a super-star ingredient to incorporate into classic fall favorites as well as innovative and indulgent Halloween treats.

Tina Varjabedian, Marketing Manager for North America

Chiquita bananas provide a natural sweetness with their unique and delicious flavor that also enhances the other ingredients. Plus, they make cakes and other baked treats beautifully moist! The great-tasting Chiquita bananas spark fun in everyday life and is considered a consistent grab-and-go staple – and strives to continuously innovate its usage through various consumption moments with healthy recipes, all starring the nutrient packed superfood.

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