Workout Snacks with Chiquita bananas: Spring has Sprung!


March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Goodbye winter and hello spring! And boy, are we looking forward to more sunny days… the fresh smell of flowers blooming, long days at the beach, warm nights by the lake… the list goes on!

Spring is also the perfect time to get back into shape after hibernating over the winter.  And here at Chiquita, we absolutely love running. It’s easy to do, convenient and so good for your cardiovascular health. And best of all, we know one of the best workout snacks to eat before running… But more about that later! Here are some great tips to get you moving this spring.

The ideal weather conditions

No gym membership? No problem! Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and run! And with longer days, there’s no excuse to not squeeze in a run (or even a brisk walk) every day. Spring is also warm enough to be outside any time of the day but not too hot that you’ll work up a sweat.

The extra encouragement

Sometimes we need that extra push to get moving and spring brings that too! Thanks to the fantastic weather, spring is filled with running events. Many running fundraisers and marathons are held during this season. Set yourself a goal to take part in a local running event. It’s always great to have a target to keep you motivated. Pair up with a friend or family members and train together to reach a common goal. If running events aren’t for you, try joining a local running group. It’s a great way to be social while also being active!

The season of new beginnings

Spring represents new beginnings. After hibernating during the cold winter months, everything comes back to life in the spring. The birds come out, flowers bloom and baby animals are born! The energy is contagious – so jump on board. Take advantage of this change in season, put those running shoes on and get that spring in your step!

What to eat before running? Chiquita bananas, of course!

Chiquita bananas have long been a favorite workout snack and source of energy for runners. Bananas provide loads of natural slow-release carbohydrates, the glucose molecules your body needs during physical activity.

If you’re a runner, banana nutrition is really something to think on what to eat before running. Because bananas are packed with essential minerals like potassium and magnesium which are crucial for muscle repair and help prevent cramps and side stitches. Chiquita bananas really are a runner’s best friend – so remember to pick up a bunch or two next time you’re at the store!

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