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This is your ultimate wellness summer detox routine

We’re a few months into 2017, and it’s the time of year that we realize those pesky resolutions didn’t quite stick. But there’s no need to feel guilty because summer is the best time to start fresh. As you spring cleaned your home this year, you can also try summer cleaning up your wellness routine. These six easy tips will help you start to detox, feel more energized, and add an extra dose of action to your daily routine. 

Start the day with a fresh smoothie 


Set the mood for your day by ditching the sugar-filled cereal and subbing in a healthy Chiquita banana and berry smoothie bowl instead. Load your blender up with yummy fruits, like potassium-laden bananas and anti-inflammatory pineapple, as well as any extra fixings you want (think sugar-free yogurt, almond milk, and chia seeds) for an instant energy boost that will have you tackling that to-do list like a pro. Remember, it’s always better to make a fresh concoction of your own than to buy pre-packaged options that might have hidden sugar and salt. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

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Especially in this sweaty time of year drinking water is crucial, but it’s so easy to forget when you’re busy running after the kids. Just a few changes to your day can help incorporate hydration without hassle. First, start your morning with a cup of warm water and lemon to get the daily detox process started. Swap out coffee for iced herbal tea whenever you can bear to sit out the dose of caffeine. And try infusing water with tasty fruits like cucumbers and Chiquita pineapples for a beverage that’s not only good and refreshing for you, but will also make you feel like you’re spending a day at the spa. 

Move it to lose it

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We all know exercise is important, but fitting a good workout into a busy routine is often easier said than done. Schedule a regular workout to increase your chances of actually doing it, and also be sure to steal whatever time you can throughout your day to get in a little mini burst of exercise. Squats during a conference call, going for a short summer walk on your lunch break, chasing your kids in the park, or spontaneously doing 20 push ups or sit ups behind your desk all help to break up the monotony of a long day stuck in front of your computer. 

Make sugar your ex

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It’s increasingly clear that this sinfully sweet additive is bad news. To really dive into your detox routine, cut added sugars out of your diet entirely. Ditch desserts in favor of a piece of fruit and choose sugar-free options whenever you can. Ideally, it would be good to cut down on snacking altogether, but we know sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. When the afternoon slump hits, try a potassium-packed Chiquita banana for a healthy alternative that will give you energy without the crash that inevitably follows a sugar high. 

Commit to sleeping more

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We know, we know—who has time for sleep in our non-stop, connected world? It might seem impossible to get a solid snooze in, but you should definitely try. While you sleep, your brain cleans out toxins and reenforces memory to help you perform at peak levels. Beyond mental function, the benefits are almost endless. A solid seven to eight hours helps lower stress, combat depression, aids weight loss, and may even increase your lifespan.  If you're having trouble getting to sleep, stop using electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime and get into a routine to help maximize your time in the sheets. You were kept busy and had no time to sleep enough? How about a power nap in your lunch break? A snooze of only 20 minutes already is enough to reboot your brain and to boost your productivity.

And find your zen 

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You can’t take care of your body if you don’t take care of your mind. Whether you find your happiness through meditation and mindfulness, a day relaxing at the lake or a swimming pool or finding the time to connect with a friend or loved one, it’s important to nourish your spirit before you can fully enjoy your healthy, detoxed bod. Some people use meditation to relax and stay mindful. Headspace is a great app that shows you how and when to meditate, helping to lower stress. Clean eating and exercise are important but don’t forget to find the time to relax and have a little fun. 

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