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Banana bread: what are the best bananas to use?

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December 2nd 2020 ・ 5 min reading

Who does not love making a good healthy banana bread? And besides from being easy, one of the best things about making banana bread, is that you can really use any kind of banana – no matter their color!

If your bananas are a little green – you can still use them as the baking process will soften them up. Or if you prefer, you can ripen them quickly overnight by putting them into a brown paper bag with some other ripe bananas (or other ripe fruit) and let the ethylene gas speed up the process.

Banana bread. What are the best bananas to use

If your bananas are a bright sunny yellow – they’re perfect for both eating and baking! If you do want them even more ripe, you can put them in the oven at 300˚ F for about 20 minutes. This will ripen the banana a little further so you have soft mushy insides.

More mature bananas (with brown spots or even completely brown) are absolutely PERFECT for making banana bread. They’ve got a great sweetness and a really soft consistency that is great for baking. And remember, if you have too many brown bananas that you can’t use up quickly, you can always peel them and put them in the freezer. Bananas freeze very well and work great in any banana bread recipe.

Banana bread. What are the best bananas to use

So now we know which bananas are the best for banana bread  (ALL OF THEM!) let’s check out some mouthwatering recipes here:

Best Banana Bread

Best Chiquita banana bread

Why not start with the best? Our best banana bread recipe has an irresistible light springy texture and a lovely crunch on top from crushed pecans or walnuts. You can also add an (optional) hint of spice with ginger, vanilla and cinnamon, and a little honey for extra sweetness. It’s a timeless classic that really can’t go wrong. We don’t call it the BEST Banana Bread Recipe for nothing!

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread by Chiquita

Craving for a sweet treat? It’s not a secret that bananas and chocolate are a delicious bomb for your palate. Whether you are looking for a tasty dessert for you or your kids or a full recharge after an intense workout or a stressful week, don’t miss out on this chocolate chip banana bread by Chiquita.
All the banana sweetness, the moist and fluffy texture of delicious banana bread and the addition of chocolate chips make this recipe the perfect way to cheer you up!

Easy Banana Bread by Chiquita

When looking for a quick breakfast recipe, a tasty dessert, or a healthy snack for you and your family, banana bread is always the best choice; this recipe requires a few ingredients and easy steps. With this easy banana bread by Chiquita, you don’t have to give up this delicious treat, even when you are in a rush! You can’t go wrong with this time-saving recipe; it is very easy and fast to make! The result is guaranteed!

Vegan Banana Bread by Chiquita

Vegan Banana Bread by Chiquita

Bananas are the perfect ally to prepare vegan recipes! Whether you’re following a vegan plan or you’re on a dairy-free diet, bananas are full of nutrients and allow you to prepare delicious cakes for every occasion. Made without butter, eggs or dairy, this healthy and simple vegan banana bread by Chiquita will delight you and your family in every bite. The toppings and sauce will add a touch of extra taste and originality that you will unlikely forget.

We hope you’ll try these fun and delicious recipes! And remember to grab a bunch (or two) of Chiquita bananas next time you’re at the store (now you know what to do with them if they’re green, yellow or brown). Every banana is a great banana when it comes to banana bread! Happy baking!

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