Chiquita Bananas Help to Tackle Food Waste


March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Chiquita is helping to solve one of the world’s major current problems, food waste, by offering useful tips on how to make sure that no delicious Chiquita banana ever goes unused.

Why has food waste turned into a global epidemic? Tons of unused fruits, vegetables and other edibles end up in the garbage, and ultimately in landfill. Here, they rot and become a major source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Statistics show that up to half of all food produced is never eaten, amounting to a value of $1 trillion of food waste. There is also the added cost of over $172 billion worth of water waste in result of disposing processes.

Chiquita has worked for many years to combat food waste with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Through the partnership, in 2019 alone, 4.2 million pounds of Chiquita bananas have been rescued and donated to people  who have needed a nutritious snack.

But how can you use overripe bananas? It’s easy! You can use them in a wide range of delicious savory or sweet recipes, and even freeze them for future smoothies. Even banana peels can be used in various ways: rub them on your face to moisturize and reduce wrinkles, or use them to polish houseplant leaves or shoes. They can even help to whiten your teeth or soothe headaches! Banana peels have antimicrobial properties and they also make  great organic plant fertilizers when composted.

Chiquita bananas are a fantastic fruit because they contain generous amounts of key minerals such as manganese, which is good for the skin, and potassium, which is important for heart health. They are also a good source of soluble fiber, and are fat and cholesterol free, so no ripe banana should ever go to waste. Here are some great Chiquita banana recipes for you to try:

Leftover vegan Chiquita banana bread cookies
These cookies are a fun twist on your favorite banana bread: using Chiquita bananas, almond butter, walnuts, flax seed, cinnamon and honey, they make the perfect healthy snack for a growing kid (or adult).

Chiquita banana muffin mug cake
Got overripe Chiquita bananas, 15 minutes and a microwave? Check out this awesome Chiquita banana muffin mug cake recipe!

Banana milk shake and ice cream
A peanut butter-chocolate chip-banana milk shake is also a perfect way to use a more mature banana. You can add cacao powder to make the shake even more deliciously chocolatey. You can also freeze leftover bananas, then blitz them in a food processor with added flavorings (such as vanilla, chopped almonds or hazelnuts) for a great, healthy soft-serve ice cream.

Marshmallow banana cupcakes
Add a mashed ripe banana to your usual cupcake recipe (you may need a little less buttermilk than normal – just keep an eye on the consistency). Then, before you put them in the oven, push a marshmallow into the centre of every cupcake for a melty and delicious treat.

Chiquita aims to ensure food waste is a thing of the past. Healthy and delicious Chiquita bananas are so versatile that even the ripest of fruit can still become a truly tasty treat. Remember – every bit of a Chiquita banana is healthy, delicious, and useful!

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