Chiquita Improves facilities at Birichiche Public School


March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Students of the public school located at Campo Birichiche community in El Progreso will now have a safe and pleasant place to continue their studies.

Chiquita made a series of improvements at the school’s infrastructure among which stand out the repair of the sanitary battery, painting works, replacement of roofs and the stage floor as well as the incorporation of a staircase to the second floor and a perimeter fence to provide security to students.

To promote sports, Chiquita also invested in the placement of two football goals and the marking and lawn mowing of the field.

This investment responds to Chiquita’s second pillar of sustainability focused on “Being a Good Neighbor” and which purpose is the commitment and responsibility of the Company to have a positive and long-term impact in the communities where it operates through investing in social projects in favor of Children and education among other topics.

“We want to be a positive member and a good neighbor for the communities where we operate. We are committed to generating development, and in that regard, betting on the children and education is an investment we are sure will yield great results in the future,”

Raúl Gigena Pazos, Chiquita’s Humans Resources Director.

Campo Birichiche community is located nearby Ameribi Farm, one of the farms Chiquita has in Honduras. A total of 150 students attend the local school at this community and almost have of those students are the children of Chiquita’s collaborators.

The school facilities were built in 1950 by Chiquita and it became a public school in 1999.

“The school was in a very poor condition. That is why the contribution that Chiquita has made to improve the infrastructure of our educational center is of great significance because we have not had a company that care about improving the infrastructure conditions for many years,"

“It greatly motivates the children and not only them but also the parents. Even at this moment, there are children from other schools trying to get a place in our school for next year because they now see our school is in a very good condition,"

Abner Roberto Rubio, school director.

The official delivery ceremony of the remodeling was made this Thursday, October 18th. The event was attended by representatives of the District of the Ministry of Education as well as officials from the Department of Social Development and Public Relations of the Municipality of El Progreso.

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