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Chiquita ? “Originale, naturalmente”

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April 1st 2020 ・ min reading

Chiquita -the “10 e lode” Banana- Returns in Advertising Through a multi-channel, Italian campaign.

Chiquita delivers an advertising campaign with “Originale, naturalmente”. The two simple wordswords  embrace the joyful and playful brand essence in a very original way, which is still full of its “10 e lode” taste, of course.

Chiquita torna in comunicazione con “Originale, naturalmente”, la nuova campagna di comunicazione integrata che, in due sole parole, concentra l’essenza stessa del brand che, da sempre, si racconta in modo originale, dinamico e giocoso, senza perdere il suo gusto “naturalmente” 10 e lode.

Chiquita is synonymous with bananas  –  the most original and recognizable fruit of the world. Designed by Bitmama creative agency, the multi-subject campaign encourages people to be spontaneous, funny, sometimes unconventional, yet true to themselves. The most loved bananas brand in the world expresses its true originality through its funny and light-hearted side, encouraging people to embrace their authentic selves and take pride in being creatively different.

“In a key market like Italy, where Chiquita has become a so-called love brand, we bet on a fully Italian campaign, speaking the local customers’ language, that corresponds, in the end, to Chiquita’s unique tone of voice: joyful, original, one of a kind. A direct and clear campaign, based on our main distinguishing feature: the bright yellow color, the iconic shape of banana and the famous Blue Sticker”

Mariaelena Paragone, Italy Marketing Manager at Chiquita, said.

We are thrilled to work beside a such beloved brand as Chiquita is: it makes part of Italian communication history and being part of its upcoming advertising path is a great responsibility we are proud of”

Nicola Gotti, Executive Creative Director at Bitmama Agency, stated.

Starting from March 2020, the multi-channel campaign will be carried out over the year across different mediums: billboards around some Italian main cities like Milan, Rome and Naples, digital and display advertising, events and other outdoor initiatives. The media planning is handled by Local Planet.

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