Chiquita fuels the fun!
Chiquita fuels the fun!

Chiquita fuels the fun!

Corporate News
22 Aug 2019

Chiquita is launching a fun-packed design competition based on its iconic Blue Sticker to encourage everyone, young and old, to unleash their inner creativity.

The promotion will run from September 2019 to coincide with the start of the new school year and is intended to help show parents that bananas are the best snack to fuel their kids’ busy lifestyles and imagination. Prize winners will have the chance to see their design feature on the iconic Blue Sticker on Chiquita bananas in 2020. Other fantastic prizes will also be on offer.

Parents want the very best for their kids – and kids just love a Chiquita banana! They are the best natural, healthy, convenient snack a parent or guardian can provide for their little ones. Kids are full of mischief and fun, but they need plenty of fuel to keep their minds and bodies going for the whole of their busy day. To help power all that creativity from breakfast to bedtime, a Chiquita banana in their break box is a great source of the energy that kids need both at school and beyond.

A delicious Chiquita banana contains essential vitamins and nutrients to nourish busy little bodies and those creative little minds. To help boost that creativity even further, Chiquita’s world-famous Blue Sticker is set to become an exciting canvas through the new design competition.

The event provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone to put their own creative ideas onto the iconic Chiquita Blue Sticker and win amazing prizes. The judges will choose 18 winning designs to potentially be featured on a 2020 special release of bananas with the new Chiquita Blue Stickers. Taking part in the competition will be simple and fun – participants can enter their designs on Chiquita’s campaign landing page at

Each design counts as one entry, so the more designs you create, the more chance you have of winning. The message is: Get involved! You really could win!
The lucky winners of the competition will receive some truly fabulous, fun-filled prizes – an Apple iPad – which will inspire them to further develop their creative talents. Such great prizes will really stand out in store and encourage people to get creative and enter.
During the competition period, Chiquita will be running promotional advertising, point-of-sales posters, banners, bunting, leaflets, stickers and displays. Posts shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will give further details of the competition, creating awareness and driving traffic to the landing page.

The promotion will run based on the local marketing calendar. There will be a ‘Fuel the Fun’ promotion in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Greece, starting at the end of August/beginning of September, timed for the start of the new school year.

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