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Cutting down food waste: Seven fabulous recipes for your ripe bananas

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March 31st 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Reducing food waste is really important today, but what can be done with bananas that looks too ripe to eat?

The good news is that if you have a few very ripe Chiquita bananas, they can be the start of something wonderful: here are seven delicious recipes to turn those ripe fruits into mouth-watering treats.

The ‘don’t panic’ option:
The first thing to do if your Chiquita bananas are a little mature is to freeze them. Bananas that are being saved for a recipe will keep perfectly well in the freezer. Peel them, cut them into chunks, and pop them into a freezer bag, then when defrosted they can become really fabulous smoothies, or sweet chocolate almond butter banana ice cream.

  1. Banana bread:
    This great recipe has a smooth texture provided by three ripe Chiquita bananas, as well as a lovely crunch from pecans and walnuts. There’s also an additional hint of spice from ginger, vanilla and cinnamon, some sweetness from honey, plus extra richness from a can of coconut milk.
  2. Banana pancakes:
    These super-quick pancakes are super easy – just use one very ripe mashed Chiquita banana, two eggs and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. Drop a tablespoon and a half of the mixture into an oiled frying pan for each pancake and serve with crispy bacon and maple syrup. Yum!
  3. Banana muffins:
    This great recipe makes a deliciously moist, fluffy muffin from three very ripe Chiquita bananas and another less-ripe one, with walnuts for crunch. The very ripe bananas are mashed and the other cut into chunks, giving fantastic consistency. Don’t forget to let the melted butter-sugar mixture cool before adding the eggs! These muffins bake well, rise nicely, and taste fabulous.
  4. Banana cookies:
    These fun, tasty cookies are simple to make and healthy too, using ripe Chiquita bananas, ground almonds and buckwheat flour, as well as tangy cinnamon and nutmeg. The dough is divided into two, and cocoa powder added to one half. Both halves are rolled out, placed on top of each other and then rolled into a sausage. This can then be cut into rounds about half a centimeter thick, which will produce a blond and chocolate swirl in the finished cookie.
  5. Sugar-free banana mousse:
    This is the recipe that will make you wish you had Chiquita bananas around the house. For this, you will also need a ripe avocado, almond milk, maple syrup or honey and unsweetened cocoa powder, as well as ground pistachio nuts as a topping. Fold raspberries into this mousse for a mouthwatering sweet-sharp taste.
  6. Banana oatmeal:
    This comforting vegan oatmeal recipe gives a distinctive twist to a family standard, adding a ripe Chiquita banana to rolled oats, almond milk, dates, raisins or cranberries, pecans and sesame seeds, spiced up with cinnamon and nutmeg. This is another super-easy recipe, as all the ingredients are simply combined in a bowl and then baked in a preheated oven until the oatmeal is golden brown.

Have fun with your ripe bananas and feel good that you are also reducing food waste! Share your recipes and tips on reducing food waste using #chiquitaBanana

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