The amazing world of banana art
The amazing world of banana art

The amazing world of banana art

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16 Feb 2017

When it comes to bananas, it’s no longer taboo to play with your food. From Tokyo to Vancouver, artists around the world are turning to the curved canvas to create their latest playful and inspiring masterpieces.

In their hands, the ordinary banana is being transformed into tributes to pop culture, tributes to historical landmarks, and original works of art. And it’s not hard to figure out why. Not only are bananas healthy and delicious, they also offer a fun shape and color, plus a versatile canvas of peel and fruit that encourage creativity to flow free.

Most importantly, banana art is just plain fun. Want to try it yourself? Grab your favorite pen, paint brush, and a Chiquita banana, and let your imagination do the rest. Don’t forget to snap a pic and share your #bananaart on Instagram with won’t stay fresh forever!

  • Pop culture peels

Dutch artist Stephan Brusche has dedicated his craft to creating “fruit doodles,” but specializes in bananas. His art ranges from clever tableaus to playful takes on fine art, but his recreations of pop culture icons are particularly amazing. From Spiderman to Ratatouille, Severus Snape to the cast of Inception, this artist can create wonders, turning banana peels into incredible 3-D works of art


  • Geometric bites

From start to finish, Bucharest-based artist Dan Cretu consider himself an eco-artist as he chooses to sculpt only on food. “The challenge is to transform a common object that we don’t notice anymore, into something unusual, alive, and appealing,” Cretu told the design blog Pixel77. And he does just that with his geometric banana creations, which are all done by hand with no digital intervention. After carving incredible designs into the peel of the banana, he adds vibrant pops of color, and, voilà, the ordinary banana has been transformed into a work of art.


  • Graphic delights

Vancouver-based artist Helananas stuns the internet with bananas covered in beautiful bright colors and patterns. She doesn’t just play with patterns, she also experiments with texture, covering one banana entirely in rainbow sprinkles while another goes sparklingly stylish with a pattern made from gold half-circle studs


  • Graffiti bananas

It is important for artists to develop a daily routine. But that’s an easy task for Hong Kong-based banana graffiti artist Marta Grossi: “I customize my banana during the night. I have my banana for breakfast the day after,” she tells Issue No. 206. From charming flamingo prints to text-based graffiti, Grossi uses ordinary materials—paint, markers, a simple black pen—to transform her bananas. 


  • Monumental treasures

Now this is a history lesson kids will pay attention to. Japanese artist Daisuke Sakagami takes the everyday banana and tattoos iconic images like the Mona Lisa and Mount Rushmore onto its skin. No ink is needed to create these masterpieces, as he makes holes in the peel to form his design and then lets the natural process of oxidation do the rest. 

We can clearly see that there is no limit to the creativity for banana art. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, grab a pen, a banana, and get experimenting!